7 Kinds of Herbal Tea Can Slim You Down, Do You Know?

Women love flowers not only because of the flower’s beautiful, but also because it can make people beautiful. can be with body and mind functions, adjust physical if you drink for a long-term, but also to help to . Here is your interpretation of the different effects of different herbal tea.

Carnation: can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, remove internal toxins, regulate the female endocrine effects, and it tastes sweet and help get rid of upset mood.

Honeysuckle: cure habitual constipation with honeysuckle, rhubarb, according to the amount of 3:1, together with tea drinking, and with the right amount of honey flavor. There is detoxification, laxative, thin belly effect. Continue reading

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What Cause Weight Loss Program Failure, Three things you Need to Know

There are a lot of things lead your Weight Loss Program to a failure, today I would like to show you three of them, ask yourself those question below, you can make your mind more clearer. Just never give up your weight loss plan, you can make it in right ways.

Question: Daily nutritional intake is equilibrium?

Answer: eat food, let the body get balanced nutrition, and then you can slim down and your body is health.

If you want to , just eat less, and reduce calorie intake, and eating food, let the body get balanced nutrition. Especially for the office workers, also need pay more attention on this matter.

A balanced diet is a balanced food intake, the expert recommend your body need to intake in daily life.
Continue reading

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Lose Weight FAQ: Eat little but Still Fat? the Breakfast is a Key, and More

Some Ask: I can’t lose my weight, even I eat a little each day, Why?

Answer: No matter how busy we need to eat breakfast. it will make your body not thin down but become fatter.

First we must ask you, Which Meal You have Eaten Little? Lunch, Dinner or Breakfast? If your answer is “breakfast”, it is no wonder that you can not . Why? let me tell you the truth:
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How Long We Could be Engaged in Activities After a Meal?

Some of small habits after meals will determine the success or failure to . In modern times, the research had shown some activities after meal will be bad for our healthy. So what after meals will lead our weight-loss program fail, following listed will tell you, and then fix with us, by changing your daily habits can lose excess weight.

Do not eat fruits immediately
Fruits contain falconoid, and compounds by intestinal bacterial action after intake the two hydroxy acids, while the intake of vegetables containing thiocyanate, in the effect of these two chemicals, fruits will interfere the thyroid function, and it can lead to non-iodine thyroid swelling.

Do not drink tea immediately.
Because tea leaves contain a single preferred food and iron-binding protein, if they combined together can result in gel which is not easily absorbed or sediment, long-term iron deficiency anemia can occur and protein deficiency, and can impact weight-loss progress.

Do not smoke immediately
Since accelerated gastric motility after meal, blood circulation increases, and promotes absorption of harmful substances when smoking. Smoking after meals, the absorption of harmful substances is more than ten times than smoke usually. Continue reading

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The Food Leads to Obesity(Excess Body Weight) are Murderers

Lead: the variety of our daily diet can lead to obesity are murderers, such as ice cream, beer, fruit juice and so on. In order to let you weight-loss program successfully, we had better keep away from the following high-calories food.

The high-fat meat barbecue:
The high-fat meat barbecue grill can ruin your waistline curve. A 20 oz t bone can increase 1,540 calories and 124 grams of fat; a cheeseburger about 750 calories and 45 grams of fat, and what about pork or beef? They come from the most part fat from animal.

Hot dogs and sausages:
Like hot dogs and sausages are the most popular foods in these days. It is not only a high-fat, high calorie, but also hot dogs, German sausages, sausages are high sodium foods. A typical hot dog has 280 calories, 15 grams of fat and 1,250 milligrams of sodium, and 6 ounces Poland smoked sausage 330 calories, 24 g fat and 1,590 milligrams of sodium. Continue reading

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8 healthy Habits Let You Lean Body Weight Without Dieting

If you think you are fat, or being fat, experts may wish to look at the practice of weight-loss tips, although only one small change every day, but this will make you regain a healthy, slim body – even no need to be on diet.

The first one: drink a glass of water before each meal.
Especially at dinner or a hearty meal out is even more. Because you may be attracted by delicious food, drinking water before meals can increase your satiety, which naturally suppresses your appetite. In addition, you need to ensure that drinking 8 glasses of water a day. “Appropriate drinking water is the key to successful weight loss.”

Second: eat smart, but not eat less.
Starving themselves to actually did not help a lot. Because if your eats lessen, the metabolic rate will fall, then the body will burn fewer calories, and resulting in weight loss failure. The right weight loss program should be to change the diet, eat more vegetables, fruits, although this decreases your calorie intake, but did not change the rate of metabolism, in a result you could successfully. In addition to eat more fruits and vegetables, it should also eat a lot of fiber-rich foods, until fed up. It is a good intestinal motility.

Try to eat 4 to 6 meals a day. However, very little each time, you can not only make your blood sugar stable, but also make your appetite will not be too strong. It can be helps avoid hunger and overeating.

Fourth: Start to write a diet and exercise diary
Write down what foods you eat every day, how much you eat, and the situations of doing exercise. Do not forget to mark down the drink your drink. So you can find out your bad habit of eating be from your diary to make corrections in future.

Fifth: come into effect to soup diet program
In your lunch or dinner, try drinking some of the more insipid soup or tomato soup. Studies have shown: before each meal to drink a bowl of soup, can helps to weight loss effectively. Because the soup will make you a sense of satiety, and its including abundant nutritious. Try to drink a bowl of soup before each meal, you will receive unexpected results.

Sixth: In your fridge an ample supply of vegetables, health food
When you are not hungry, ready some fresh vegetables and fruits in advance, wash them clean, peel and slice. Apple sprays lemon juice can prevent turn color due to a long time. These vegetables can put in a transparent glass container back into the refrigerator.

Seventh: Eat slowly method
Do not cram eat too fast during each meal. You need to eat slowly to enjoy a plate of each dish with the slow speed of eating. The best way is to chew each bite 30 times or so. Studies have shown that eating slowly helps to lose weight.

Eighth: Do not feel disappointing because of the slow speed for the weight loss.
Do not weigh all day long, you should focus on the positive lifestyle can bring you a better happy life.

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10 Tips Helps Your Hair Become Good in 3 Days

Every woman wants her hair shiny and resilience, is a complex and detailed knowledge, do you want a good hair? Below listed 10 ways you can get the effect you want:

1. Combing the hair one time before washing the hair, it can remove the dirt on the hair and avoid tie a knot. Develop of comb the hair a hundred times a day.
2. Massage with dry hair with shampoo, then rinse with warm water. This is the most effective and convenient steps.
3. Shower massage method can increase blood circulation, relieve stress, and make the hair grow more healthy.
4. Hair conditioner should be applied only to the end of the hair and hair stem location, if applied too much in the hair root, hair will become greasy.
5. After shampooing, put a tablespoon of vinegar into 600ml warm water, then immerse the hair into the water, comb evenly, finally re-rinse with warm water. This will enhance the luster and remove impurities.
6. Hot water will make the hair surface squamous expansion, showing tangled and dark brilliance. Therefore, we need to use the cold water, because cold water to tighten the squamous surface.
7. And we should not dry the hair with towel. The best way is to use your fingers to squeeze the excess water slowly, then gently dry with a towel. It makes the hair moisturize effectively, and will not damage the resilience of the hair.
8. When the hair is still wet, you can comb the hair by a wide-tooth comb, then divided into several parts, and then gently from the end of hair, until the knot completely remove.
9. Best to let hair dry naturally.
10. Until the hair is dry, moisturizing spray can be sprayed on the comb, then comb the hair, it helps to keep the hair obedient and long hair.

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How to Slim Your Legs and Waist, Do Slim Down Legs and Waist Exercises

If you are looking for some ways about How to slim your legs and waist, I would like to tell you these advices, let’s do the Slim Down Legs and Waist Exercises

1. Arms straight, abdomen and legs kneeling on the ground which is 90 degrees.

2. And then hunch-up the back and keep for 10 seconds. 

3. Hunch-ups the left leg, and the feet do not touch the ground. Keep this pose for 5 seconds.

4. Uplifted the left leg straight back at the top, and keeps for 5 seconds.

5. Back to the initial posture of the body, neck and body must be keep straight. And alternating the legs for 10-15 times.

All in all, if you could stick on do this weight-loss exercise in 3 months, your legs and waist will be thin. And your body will be looks slim.

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