Download Camera NX V6 mod for Nexus 2015 Phones, Base on Google Camera v4.4 (Updated New Version)

It has been a week after the latest Google Camera 4.4.019 jumped on the stage, and now we have new Camera NX V6 for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, you may ask why for taking so long time to update, well, Google has applied the Proguard to their camera app, which can may the app running 10%-30% faster while making the smali code hard to understand and modify,

for example, I can track those function name and device name in the past time, know what is the code controlling, then unlock the feature which is disabled by default, I can see the API function like isNexus6P(), isNexus5X(), ?->frameRate(), now I just got those Lbnp->bZ, Lbnp->dZ meaningless words, finally I managed this new mod, though it still has a little bug, but most features were present.

You may want to check out What’s new inside the Google Camera 4.4, in the new 4.4.019 build, Google has made some changes and fixed some bugs, like it support the Android 8.0’s new adaptive icon feature, HDR process stuck bug was fixed, I did not dig deep, the string “pixel camera” and “Nexus 2017” showed in the code. Google Camera 4.4.019 contains two configurations for a same Pixel 2017 / Nexus 2017 device, the “Pixel 2017 ZSL Hdr configuration” and “Nexus 2017 Hw ZSL HDR+ configuration”, I think Google is planning to release a very powerful Nexus device, which supports the hardware HDR+ feature, might be a enhanced HDR process.

Camera NX is a mod based of Google Camera, it’s made for bringing Pixel phones exclusive features to Nexus 2015 phones, unlocked features:
For Nexus 5X/6P:
- ZSL HDR+ shooting
- Smart Burst (disable Hybrid Burst now, should I enable it again? )
- 60FPS video recording Ready. (you need to unlock the 30FPS limitation set by the system, thanks to defcomg see tips link. )
- Higher video Bit Rate Back to default settings.
- New icon. (no need to enable round icon this time)

For Nexus 5X
- ZSL Normal Shooting
- 240 fps Slow-motion video
- Nexus 6P HDR+ profile (No ZSL HDR+ version)

Known issue: if you try to delete the photos which are under HDR process, you will get an FC notice, just a notice, the camera will continue to work as normal.

- ARM64 SoC.
- Android 7.1+ (As Android 7.1.x was officially released, I drop the compatible of Android 7.0)
- tested with Android 8.0 and Android 7.1 use Nexus 5X.

- If you like the Burst more than ZSL HDR+, choose the No ZSL version, more stable.
- To turn off ZSL HDR+, you need to set HDR+ off.
- Custom roms getting a black screen? try Open Gapps Stock version.
- 60FPS mod for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, some said works fine on Android O.

Notice before start downloading: for old version users, you need to uninstall the Camera NX before install this new version, as I lost the signature files which was used to sign the apk, I create another signature for signing the app, Android will refuse to update the app with different signatures.

Update 07/31 V6.0.1:
1. Shortcut access fixed.
2. Quick fix for EIS with 60fps FC issue (N), Android O seems does not have this problem.

Update 08/20 V6.0.2:
1. Enable Hybrid Burst again.
2. Base on Google Camera v4.4.020 (looks like the 4.4.020 is a bug fix version, nothing new).
3. Add a experimental version for other high end devices. (require Snapdragon 820+ & Gapps & Google photos ?), logcat is required for debugging, try catlog app on Play store.

Download Camera NX V6.0.2



CameraNX-Experiment-V0.2-NOZSL-signed (updated 0821)
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