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Motorola Xoom (Stingray & Wingray) is Officially Supported by CyanogenMod Team

Motorola Xoom (Stingray & Wingray) is Officially Supported by CyanogenMod Team

Motorola Xoom has been official supported by CyanogenMod team, started building the nightly rom on CM server, that means the development of CM9 firmware for Motorola Xoom will be much more faster. Motorola Xoom is the first Android Tablet PC, coming with the Android 3.0, code name Honeycomb, as the sales of Xoom is not very good (the price is really high at the beginning), not so many people are using this “original” Android tablet PC.

Google Android 4.0 ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) New Features Details, Worth to Update?

Google has released the new generation of Android 4.0 system, including many interesting stuff, there are the redesigned UI(cool blue style), simplified interface to increase the speed, improved voice input function, face recognition, built-in photo editor, traffic monitor, and the Android Beam function.

Lenovo ThinkPad Battery Charging Bug, ThinkPad is a “Perpetual Motion” Machine?

Lenovo ThinkPad Battery Charging Bug, ThinkPad is a

If you use the USB cable to connect the standard USB port and the micro USB port of Lenovo ThinkPad at the same time, the Android system will prompt “charging”, your ThinkPad is charging battery! LoL, is that means ThinkPad can be a “Perpetual motion” machine? “Perpetual motion” machine is a machine which can “self-sufficiency” working, it is a concept in the physical world.

[APK]Download Skype 2.5 for Android, Video Call with 14 More Devices Include Tablets, Bluetooth Headset, UI Improvement

Skype 2.5 for Android updated recently, now you can download this new big improved video call supported application in the Android Market.

Dual operating system tablet PC, ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro appeared on FCC

ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro has appeared on FCC. ViewPad 10 Pro have 10.1-inch touch screen, runs Windows 7 Professional and Android 2.2, with a fast switching system design, ViewPad 10 Pro can be quickly replaced the operating environment without reboot. Meanwhile, the ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro supports flash, Bluetooth, GPS satellite navigation. In addition, users can also ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro WiFi wireless network, easily surf the web world.

[video]Which is better, HP Touchpad or Galaxy Tab 10.1

So a comic, telling a story about that in view of the iPad tablet PC’s dominance, many manufacturers have launched their own “iPad killer” product, but these “killers” did not unite the iPad stabbing, but in the “Who is the strongest iPad killer “had an argument on this issue, and finally began killing each other, but iPad still triumph in the pack. If the number of vendors from the “iPad killer” products blaze a new trail in order to face the final Boss apple, to the WebOS, the latest enter the field, between the fright with Android is a fate duel.

Android 3.2 OS release, Tablet PC market, there are variables

Google’s Android operating system is slowly but steadily infiltrated into the tablet pc. Designed specifically for business users in addition to Cisco Cius Tablet PC, other devices are aimed at ordinary consumers. For now, Android Tablet PC, there are many variables. If successful, Google will be another platform a large number of customers; but if that fails, consumers will realize that the Android for Tablet PC version is no difference compare with the Android for smart phone , which will bring Google disastrous consequences. So, Android Tablet PC can not afford to fail.

Motorola Mobile and Toshiba announced 10 inches Android Tablet PC market price will be lowered

Motorola Mobile and Toshiba have announced Wednesday, 10 inches Android Tablet PC market price will be lowered. Motorola Mobile said Wi-Fi Tablet PC Edition 10 inches Xoom price will down from $ 599 to $ 499. Previously, because Xoom price is too high, Tablet PC market criticism arose, make this product unable to compete with Apple iPad tablet. With the lower price in future , Motorola Mobile Xoom will take a challenge to the iPad in Market.

For example, Xoom, price $ 499, using Android 3.1 operating system with a 32GB capacity, 1GB system memory; iPad, price $ 499 capacity storage is 16GB, the system memory is 512MB . Wi-Fi Tablet PC Edition 10 inches Xoom’s with the new price, also have confrontation with Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab 10.1. The latter version of Wi-Fi Tablet PC using Android 3.1 operating system , but the capacity is only 16GB, system memory is 1GB.