Update Pixel Mod for Android 7.1.1 Final Release Version NMF26F, Nexus 5X & Nexus 6P, Fixed Switch Button Edge (Add Settings Package)

Google just officially release Android N 7.1.1 to modern Pixel phons and Nexus phones, all  eligible devices will receive OTA update in future several weeks. I download the factory images and install it vie Flashfire without wiping data, all things working good. As it is just one and a half weeks after Android 7.1.1 DP2 release, so there are not much changes, Nexus users still did not get the Round Icon layout, Blue color theme and fingerprint swipe down controls features.

I began to update the Pixel mod after finish install the new system. Turns out something is change in the Pixel’s SystemUI, the OPA code which is controlling the navigation bar home button animation was updated, but the change does not effect porting the code to Nexus’s system. I will update the Guide for enable home button animation later.

Pixel mod 1

This Pixel mod will change the default System UI of AOSP to Pixel’s style, add Pixel Launcher, Wallpaper (not live wallpaper), Round Icons, Blue color theme, Navigation bar with solid buttons and home button animation, System UI tuner, Night light mode. It also hide the mic icon on home screen when using Pixel Launcher without Google Assistant enabled.

PS. Not include Boot  animation and Settings icon ( as I don’t want to twice the mod file size.).

Bug fix: Fix the switch icon edge cut off issue, thanks to HR notice.

As always, there is a flash-able package and a Back to Stock package for TWRP recovery, DO NOT Use This for any other systems! I have tested the Nexus 5X version by myself, Nexus 6P version should work but need confirm. Nexus 6P version will up in 1-2 hours.

Download link: 

Update Pixel Mod for Nexus5X with Android 7.1.2, please head to this post.

Nexus 5X:

Nexus 6P:

Update 2017/01/04: Pixel Mod still works with N4F26I/J (Jan. Security Update), as it did not contain any files which needs to update.
However, the Settings mod below did NOT compatible with N4F26I/J.

Update 12/08 add Settings apk single mod, It will only change/revert the Settings icon:

Nexus 5X:

Nexus 6P: (Need Test)

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  • Debasish Mondal

    How to create pixel settings mod?

  • Malcolm Damoiseau

    Works perfectly on Android 7.1.2 N2G47H

  • Simon M

    Anybody tried it on 7.1.2 from April security patch (N2G47H) ?

  • Seko

    Does this work with N4F26T ?

  • Exceter Miles

    So I’m pretty sure I screwed something up by trying to flash over N6P 7.1.2 NPG05F. It got stuck on boot loop after flashing and after doing a hard boot, my home and recents nav buttons do not work, my notification shade won’t work, the quick settings won’t expand, can’t switch users, and the cellular data will not switch on. It was rooted before flashing and I have tried repeatedly to restore to 7.1.1 N4F26O (nowipe), then root, then backtostock and still broken. Any advice on how to fix this without a factory wipe and restore?

  • Júlio César

    Is there any way I can do it just for the navbar? I don’t want any other fuzz

    • Yes, you can download the zip, extract the SystemUI.apk, replace the original SystemUI.apk of your rom, reboot.
      You need root access and root file explore.

  • Matt Smith

    Everytime I install in TWRP and reboot it comes up in Now launcher and TWRP has been replaced with stock recovery…

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud


  • Alex Freeman

    still working for the latest Android version 7.1.1 N4F26O

    • Good news, thanks for the report. Now I’m working on 7.1.2 Mod.

      • Mohamed Hani Bioud

        Charles come on bro! 😋

  • Chandrashekhar Singh

    Does this works with 7.1.2 For nexus 5x?

    • Mohamed Hani Bioud

      No i’m waiting for @charleschow:disqus how about you?

    • Ok guys, I’m back, just finish installing 7.1.2 beta, downloading Pixel rom. Will update the Pixel mod tonight or tomorrow.

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud


  • Mohamed Hani Bioud


  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    Work with new android 7.1.2?

  • alexgrio

    Hey Charles, this is so great. Any chance to get the update for Settings mod?

  • Alex Freeman

    So when I open the menu, Icons on the top as WIFI, Time, 4G Connection are stilll white. before the Update they become black so you can see wat time is it even if you are in the menu

  • Vaibhav Puri

    I Followed Your Guide To Make Animated Pixel Navbar And Succeeded, But Please Post A Tutorial For PixelMOD On Any Android 7.1.1 Based ROM………

    Please Reply…..

  • Vaibhav Puri

    Please Post A Tutorial On How To Create PixelMOD For Any ROM(7.1.1)

  • omer

    system ui has stopped on my N4F26I , any idea why ?

  • amurglas

    after the installation I can’t find the HDR+ icon

  • Cesar

    Hi please update to new version N4F26I, thanks a lot

    • Mohamed Hani Bioud

      The zip work again for you?

    • The NMF26F Pixel mod still works for Security Update of Jan (N4F26I), I test myself, it is because new update did not contain the files of Pixel mod.

      However, the Settings mod needs to update, as the Settings’ apk has been updated.

      • Mohamed Hani Bioud

        @charleschow:disqus where are you? Need update android 7.1.2

    • Mohamed Hani Bioud

      @andrerben:disqus it’s work for Android 7.1.2?

  • sam sword (samxlb)

    Great help, worked well on N5X 7.1.1 NMF26F stock rooted, thanks a lot for posting…

  • Elias Damli

    It worked for me on nmf26f. But I just wanted the night mode, and I had installed the new app called Pixelize from the playstore. With all the pixel stuff, boot, button animations, blue theme, setting theme, swipe, the pixel launcher and basicly everything from the pixel phone. It worked for me to I flashe this mod over the alrady installed pixelize. Thougt I would be stuck in a bootloop or even a brick. And boom It worked, now I got the night mode as well.
    I thought I never would see the night mode again after 7.1 🙂

  • asd555

    Hi @charleschow:disqus!
    Can you explain how to enable round icons in every ROM?
    It’s ROM related or launcher related? I want to enable round icons on newest Pure Nexus 7.1.1 (15 dec. 2016) using the old Google Now launcher!
    Thanks in the advance for your time!

  • Naman

    Can you guide me how to get all round icons to work as I don’t use stock so flashing this zip won’t make sense. Thank you
    Great work btw 😊.

  • Alex Freeman

    I am on 7.1.1 stock, with last or previous version of Pixel MOD I had the same problem: once in a while I can’t open, or when I tap on Calendar and Gmail widget nothing is happened. Restart of my Phone help me, but this problem came back once in 1 or 2 days.

  • Alex Freeman

    8DEC update: it means that I can use only Pixel-Mod-Settings-7.1.1 instead of Pixel-Mod-7.1.1, or I need both of them? And please add versions to you MOD, it will be more easier to see if I have or no the last UPDATE. Thanks.

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    Work in DP2?

  • Tanmoy

    hey @charleschow:disqus , have you removed the “Fake swipe down” from Moves? if yes then why? Do you have any plan of implementing “Double tap to wake” anytime soon?

  • blasphemous24

    Does this mod require root?

    • I think nexus tool kit can flash this without rooting your phone. Some said it require root but it should not, you can try, all stock stuff. If the icon doesn’t work, clear launcher data via Space manage of Google App.

  • Naman

    Remove the fake swipe down moves option. It hurts OCD

  • Drone9

    Hi there, installed 5.3 on 6P, custom 7.1.1. ROM.
    Black screen, flashed nitrogenOS zip. Camera worked.
    However, now the pictures I take are upside down. Any ideas?

  • Tobias Evensen

    Ehm, the navbar is not shorter like on the Pixel. I had a mod that had this before i tried this. Is it possible to add it?

    • I see it has the same dpi value as Pixel’s, so the navigation bar should be the same height. But I haven’t compare screen shots.

      • Tobias Evensen

        Sorry. My bad 😅 It was the other one being smaller… Oh my gosh the navbar is huge! Do you by the way know if it is supposed to change color from app to app?

        • Tobias Evensen

          I had this completely without an app before. On day snapchat updated and gained a tinted navbar like on the home screen ❤️

  • Bri

    I don’t know why no round icons in my Nexus5X with the lastest 7.1.1?

    • Clear Launcher data from Google App space manage.

  • Ajish Nair

    @charleschow:disqus Can you also add a separate mod for settings icon ? So that set of people who want settings circular can have it. A separate flash-able mod would be great.

    • That would work, I will do it.

      • Ajish Nair

        Thanks a lot!

  • Pol

    Hi, one question. i’m on a rooted marshmallow rom, so if i would try yours,
    have i installed a clean 7.1.1 before?
    thanks 😉

    • Right. Check the latest post for installation.

  • Alex

    Can I install Pixel mode without root or TWRP? I just installed clean 7.1.1 but I don’t want to root or to change my Custom Recovery.

    • Try flash it with nexus rootkit tool.

      • Alex

        The idea was if I can install it with default Custom Recovery, but Nexus Rookit made my job perfectly already. Rooted, TWRP installed, Latest Android Installed and Pixel Mode installed, works perfect. But there is a chance to make to work swipe for notification some how, if you know somehow???

  • Mehdi Chtibi

    Can you please add pixel download icon?

    • You mean the stock download manager? I checked they have the same icon.

      • Mehdi Chtibi

        Ah yes thank you,
        One more question i think adding assistant to the zip would give us the full pixel experience,don’t you think so?
        Thanks for you’re work.

  • ashish

    Hey man, thanks for your work! and round icons doesnt seem to work on my 6p, can you do something about it?

    • Try clear the launcher data via Google app space manage.

      • Simon M

        That worked for me, thanks! Good job on the whole Pixel Mod btw

  • Jônatas Lopes

    Please mod for Fake Nexus ROM (Nexus 4), NMF26O

  • SE.Quence

    Thanks again. I was ignoring all that pixel stuff as considered overfeatured. This mod is just what I need – no useless assistant, no edited build.prop.
    Just curious is it possible to enable pixel’s new move – double tap to wake?

    And one more thing, can’t found out what’s wrong. From now Pixel launcher no more shows App info option on top when you dragging app icon. Only REMOVE and UNINSTALL remain.
    Stock Google Now Launcher represents correctly. As I researched, some people report having no such bug. So I dont know what is cause and solution.

    • You are welcome, enable developer mode in settings will show you the app info option. I was like you before thinks something is going wrong, and finally… 🙂

      • SE.Quence

        Wow! That’s what it was… Thanks a lot for your assistance, didn’t even think about connection between these things.

  • Chandrashekhar Singh

    How can i install the 7.1.1 update if I’m rooted, can i just download the system image and flash it via twrp. Will my data remain?

    • Please Check my latest post, it shows you how to install factory image without losing user data.

  • Matthew Beard

    Working fine on my 6P. (NMF26F)

    • Thank you, I can remove the test label now. 🙂

    • Arthur Melo

      how do you do? not worked with my nmf26f

    • Arthur Melo

      need root permission to work, now worked for me thx =)

  • HR

    Thanks for fixing the switches!

    • I did not notice that before 🙂