Google Camera 4.4 Update with New Pixel Phone 2017 Support, New Hardware Zsl Hdr+ Feature, And More.

Google Camera 4.4 rolled out with Android O developer preview 3, you should already read some reviews about the Camera UI changes, camcorder mode switch button, etc. but did you know something is changed under the hood, which is pointing to the next generation Pixel phones camera new features, let’s see what it is.

We get “Pixel 2016 ZSL Hdr OneCamera configuration.” before Google Camera 4.3 version, then two new configurations was added in the code in version 4.4, there are “Pixel 2017 ZSL Hdr OneCamera configuration” and “Pixel 2017 Hardware Zsl Hdr+ OneCamera configuration”, looks like there will be two hardware version of Pixel 2017 phone will be released this year, one support software ZSL Hdr function, the other has a built-in Hardware processing ZSL Hdr+ pictures. As we know the Pixel 2016 equip a hexagon chip for Hdr+ process, but the ZSL function (Zero shooting lag) feature still using software method, on prove is we can take Zsl Hdr+ pictures using Nexus 2015 phones with my Camera NX mod.

Another new feature is named as “experiment 2017”, like the “experiment 2016”, those are hardware specific features for Google phones. We get the “Hybrid AE” and “Auto-focus Scene change” in the experiment 2016, now we get two new features, “SENSOR_EEPROM_INFORMATION” and “TRACKING_AF_TRIGGER”. what is EEPROM? An EEPROM is a data chip, it holds the data for calibration of autofocus, white balance, lens shading, and defect pixel correction, maybe it for RAW photos. About the tracking Auto-focus trigger, might be something like shooting photos when target smile.

So Google still focus on enhancing the experience of photo shooting with Android flagship phones, let’s see how the Pixel phones 2017 performance in this year.

About the new Camera NX mod for Gcam 4.4, it’s not easy this time, Google starts using code obfuscation with Camera, I need more time to check and modify things, I can not promise to get all features works, and thanks to all people’s support this mod.

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  • SE

    Thanks, Charles, for keeping us just in touch about new features and implementations.
    Anyway, in my opinion we got a little boost of quality in new GC4.4 since they fixed that strong noise and processing artefacts around any light sources in HDR+ mode which made night photos look terrible if you check 1:1 crop.
    Now camera behaves like in old GC 4.1 version but with higher exposure making shadows and picture overall a bit brighter compared to old GC3.2/4.1

  • Danyel Gustavo

    Thanks for all the information. You do an amazing job with your Camera NX mod. I’ve got hundred of pictures I would never be able to capture without ZSL.

  • Chandrashekhar Singh


  • Alex Freeman

    Just in case I have installed Google Camera 4.4 from Pixel APK. Slow motion 120 FPS works perfect. I have only one problem. Selfie Camera always shot with mirror effect, and there is no option to disable that. I guess it’s a bug. Please check this moment before you release any modification to Nexus 5X or 6P. I have Nexus 5X.

    • Alex Martin

      Hey I haven’t been able to get slow motion working with any of these camera apks. How did you do this? 🙂