[Updated] Camera NX V7.2 for Nexus 5X/6P & Pixel Base on Google Camera 5.1 from Pixel 2, Motion Photo and More

After 10 days of the latest Google Event, finally the G-Cam app float upon APK mirror site, for Nexus 5X/6P users there are no new features, looks like the classical Nexus phone series have been abandoned, but fortunately, Camera NX mod can still bring parts of new features, which is Pixel 2 exclusive, let’s talk about the new things.

Google Camera 5.1 was built for Android 8.1, as its ‘platformBuildVersionCode’ is 27 and the ‘platformBuildVersion’ is 8.1.0, what’s new? first, the apps library files got a huge update, there are three new lib files ‘libfacebeautification’, ‘libgyrostabilization-jni’ and ‘liblensoffsetcalculation-jni’, all for the new ‘PIXEL_2017_EXPERIENCE’, that should be ‘face retouch’, ‘advanced video stabilization’ and ‘portrait mode’, besides, Google Camera 5.1 gets a new feature, the motion photos, the camera will record a 3 seconds video during shooting photos automatically, just like the live photo on iPhone. sadly, Pixel 2016 phones can only perform the ‘face retouch’.

Camera viewer UI was changed in version 5.1, buttons in the viewer now have a black bar as background, made them much easy to choose, also a lock button for AE lock, adjust and lock the AE in some low light environment will not a hard job(all devices). some other hidden changes, flashlight fire notice (for Pixel phones include 2016 device).

You should notice the HDR+ settings is gone, actually, HDR+ will always on with Google Camera 5.1, but you can bring the HDR+ settings back by manually active in setting menu. Also, photo viewer now combine with Google photos, as the motion photo can only work in Google photos, and yes, all these features only present on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, just like the Portrait Mode, which is called ‘Gouda’ in the development code, it a kind of cheese from Dutch. Pixel 2 devices have a Gouda processor, that is why Portrait Mode can NOT be port to other phones.

About the new Camera NX, all the original features will be present, and this can give you some new features:
1. Motion photos (ZSL-enhanced version on Android O),
2. Face retouch (all version),
3. Google photos combine(ZSL-enhanced version on Android O),
4. Advanced options: HDR+ control, diet smart-burst(ZSL-enhanced version on Android O), dirty lens notice, experiment DNG(RAW) photo (all version).
furthermore, flashlight fire notice, broken send feedback menu.

For Pixel 2016 phone users, Camera NX should work too, but the Scene Change function highly will be broken, need reports.

Update 11/06
This is a bug fix version, only enhanced version.
1. Fix crash issue for Pixel 2016 devices.
2. Fix provider author issue.
A system framework patch is needed to fix the broken motion picture issue. This should fix the G photos index problem.

Update 10/19
1. Based on the last Google Camera 5.1.014, add Pixel 2016 phones support (need test).
2. Video 60FPS mode with EIS FC bug Fixed.
3. Motion photos for Pixel 2016 phones.
4. Micro video (Motion photos) EIS use gyro sensor enabled for Pixel (it was only activated on Pixel XL), need feedback.
5. Update icon support adapted icon and regular icon.
6. Disable Motion photos and G-photo integration for Android 7.1.

Now there is a new ZSL-enhanced version for Motion photos, G-photos combine, diet smart-burst on Android 8.x.
NOZSL and ZSL version will perform the old way while added new face retouching.

Camera NX is 60FPS-ready on Nexus 5X & Nexus 6P, you need this mod to unlock the system limitation, works on Android 7.0+: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=70748865&postcount=161

Download link:
Camera NX V7.2 ZSL enhanced | AFH mirror

Camera NX V7.1 ZSL | AFH mirror

Camera NX V7.1 NOZSL | AFH mirror

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  • regal

    please make this project to xiaomi mi4c, since the chipset is exactly the same sir. Thanks

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  • Samarth Kalra

    Just changed name of device to pixel 2 xl. Camera and camera nx are crashing since then.

  • Nareskumar

    @@charleschow:disqus are you making a mod for the ar sticker as well? there are several working modded app(non-root) for nexus but has many bugs.

  • Zygmunt Jednooki

    Great job! But, can we please higher bit rate in 60 FPS mode ?

  • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

    Oh there is another camera version out.

    • Paul_Werner

      Here’s hoping they update Camera NX soon to match that camera build

  • Alex Freeman

    Dear Charles, on my Xiaomi Mi A1 based on Android clean I could install Google Camera version 2.7.008. On version 3.2 it gives me an error when I try to switch to Video Recording, on 4.4 already is not working at all. Any ideas how can I install a newer version of Google camera without rooting my device? Or maybe, at leas to port HDR+ code to that version? Any ideas?

  • Alan Peck

    Have Camera NX ZSL (version 5.1.014) running on my Nexus 5x. However, sometimes, the camera takes a photo that is visible in the camera preview window, but which never properly gets saved to the phone’s DCIM folder nor uploaded to Google Photos. When this happens, there is no remedy to retrieve or subsequently save the photo, so the photo, other than a temporary preview view, becomes lost.

    Have tried reinstalling and clearing cache, but this defect intermittently continues to occur. Unless I can find a solution, I will have to discontinue using Camera NX because I cannot risk that photos that one thinks are saved and in fact gone forever.

    Any suggestions for a fix? Thanks.

  • john014

    is it realllly laggy for anyone else? double tap power takes roughly 5-8 seconds to open the camera, and sometimes taking a picture lags out too….

  • Alex Freeman

    There is a new version Google Camera

    • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

      yep. @charleschow:disqus maybe a rebase?

  • Alex Freeman

    My Nexus 5X get bootloop problem so I am buying today Xiaomi Mi A1 (Androidone) which has clean Android 7.1.2. There is any chance to get Camera NX optimized to this phone?

  • pablo sc

    thank you very much for your work

  • Paul_Werner

    7.2 fixes the Pixel 1 XL crashes but the front facing camera doesn’t do the motion photos like the back facing one does. In the Pixel 2 camera it works for both. Can this be fixed in Camera NX?

  • Hi, I knew this issue and have no clue so far, and my N5X was dead, it should be arrived today from a phone repair shop.
    Did Pixel with 8.1 have the experiment2017 file in /system/framework/ ? or still the experiment2016?

    • Глеб Бражников

      Still 2016. I can test new builds of camera on Sailfish. 😉
      @GlebJah telegram.

      • OK, new version fix the issue.

    • Armando Rodriguez

      I dont have root to check /system sorry but on the XDA thread someone said it isnt there on Pixel XL, btw I check XDA more than this

  • smf

    Many thanks to the author of the app – stock camera with .dng output is my old dream, which i already considered unrealizable.
    one little, but HUGE problem – sometimes i shoot photo, and app saved it to, to, i do not know, to some fucking nowhere!
    i see a tiny thumbnail in the left-bottom corner, but where are no such folder* of files in dcimcamera
    and thats very-very terrible – i’ve already lost some important photos because of this bug
    now i must looking at progress circle, that shows hdr creating – only this way i can be sure that the files are created

    * dng with jpegs in separate folders – it’s very uncomfortable, by the way

    and there is no need to me to shoot hdr, but in normal mode .dng’s are not created — is there a way to fix this?

    one more thing — where are autofocus and exposure lock from stock camera? (it must turnes on by tap and hold, but it doesnt)

    nexus 5x
    android 7.1.2
    Camera NX V7.1 ZSL enhanced

    • smf

      >i see a tiny thumbnail in the left-bottom corner
      fix: in right-bottom corner

    • Something is wrong when the app saving image files, I saw the log, I guess it’s the low ram issue, no enough memory to do the ZSL buffer -> drop current buffer data -> no data for saving files, if I understand the code right, thumbnail was created with buffer, it is not saved on storage.

      • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

        That was exactly my issue with n5. With 6p it’s ok. Can this be fixed in a way?

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  • Mayur Dhuri

    can you port it for arm SoC?

  • Shahab Ud Din

    Installed ZSl enhanced on pixel xl and it crashes after 1 sec.

    • New V7.2 fix that problem

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  • Diego Hernandez

    Thank you for your work, Enhanced apk it’s not working on Pixel XL 1Gen

  • Thanks!

  • deepdvd

    After uploading to Google Photos, the Motion Photos are sideways if it was a vertical photo (portrait orientation). Also, sometimes they end up being upside down on landscape orientation photos. The actual photo is correctly oriented, but if you turn on Motion (on Google Photos on Chrome), it rotates while playing. Any solution for this? Again, this only happens in a browser. Motion Photos are oriented correctly when viewing on the phone.

  • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

    There is something wrong with the front camera and motion photos. The icons shows recording never finishes and the photo saved has not motion. @charles

  • Alex Freeman

    Perfect, I saw 240fps on Slow motion that’s unbelievable. I must say that our Phones with 2GB of RAM memory and maybe an old processor have some hard time with such new technology camera application. But what to do ))). Anyway to author a lot of respect for his great job doing this.

  • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

    @one_solo:disqus Is there a way we can get notifications for future update of this awesome project?
    Man I ve been using your camera so long!

  • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

    I have 2 questions:
    1. Why does not motion pictures work for the Front Camera?
    2. How does face smooth work? Do I need to enable something and how will I know it worked?

    • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

      Fond out the one with face re-touch.
      However, motion pictures do not work with the front camera.

      • Motion photos works with front cam here. Did you see the motion photos switch? Or it just didn’t work?

        • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

          Yes I even set it to On not auto but no luck. Nexus 6P here.

        • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

          Restarted fixed it! Woop woop

    • Nuno G.

      Face smooth what it does just simply applies a smooth filter on the face, like it removes the sharpness of the face. simple as that

      • Dimitris Kanellopoulos

        Thanks man, figured that one out. However do you manage to get motions pictures with the front camera?

  • TheJapalian

    ZSL Enhanced fails a second after opening on my Pixel XL. Standard ZSL opens and works well.

    • Need logcat to debug, what’s your system version?

      • TheJapalian

        Not sure how to do a log without root? I’m running stock 8.0.0

        • I got the logcat, Turns out the new code failed on Pixel phones, thanks for the report.

          • aigor1

            Hello, same issue here with the ZSL enhanced… pixel xl with oreo

          • David S.

            Same on Pixel 8.1.0

      • Can you share the old 5.0 version in the meantime?

        ZSL version doesn’t show motion pictures icon on pixel phone.

        And as you already know, ZSL enhanced crashes instantly when open. And with that the icon is shown (you can see it just before the app crashes).


      • Paul_Werner

        Updated to 8.1 & ZSL Enhanced crashes. Will the be an update soon? Just wondering since Camera NX is the only way I know of now that brings this feature to Pixel & Pixel XL now that Google removed it

  • Nuno G.

    Thkx again for the update version!!! Well done!!!

    One doubt, I have a 6P all stock. I don’t have any 6ofps mod installed. Does the 60/30fps really works or what?? I recorded on with both modes, 30 and 60 fps, but I don’t feel any difference.

      • Nuno G.

        That’s what I thought. Thkx

        • SE.

          Each time I enabled 60 fps libs for my 5X, I rolled it back in 5 minutes.
          60 fps videos come without noise suppression and look terrible with artifacts.
          And if for photo denoise-off sometimes is wanted is useful, video without denoise I dont like at all.

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  • Alan Peck

    OK, have he ZSL version installed on my 5X, and have ZSL, motion, lens warning, and burst mode all working fine, but cannot find any access to face retouch anywhere. Where and how to do I access this feature? Also, how does lens warning work, a pop-up message?Thanks.

    • Omar

      How did you achieve ZSL on your 5x? All I get it a black screen for a viewfinder..

      • Alan Peck

        Just installed, and it worked. Not sure what to suggest. Perhaps, try again.

      • Custom roms need a patch, you can find it on XDA-Dev’s thread, the key is the Gapps package you choose.

  • Alex Freeman

    Just come up a newer version of camera app v5.1.0.14

    • Nuno G.

      That must be basically bug fixes, but it would be cool to have NX based on that version…

      • SE.

        HDR+ version is also updated

  • Maxwell “Max” Weinbach

    Is it possible to make a version with AR and Portrait mode for devices that support it, like the galaxy S8 which has 7.0 and will be getting 8.0 beta in like a week.

    • AR scene has a tiny opportunity can be port, but we need the ‘com.google.vr.apps.ornament’ app from Pixel 2 or Android 8.1 system. ‘Ornament’ is the code name.

      Portrait mode is a dead end, forced enter Portrait mode but it just saving normal image, btw, Portrait mode is a half-hardware solution to replace the Lens mode.

      • Paul_Werner

        Only on the back facing camera. The front facing is fully software

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  • Andrew Spearns

    Great job on this I’ve been using each successive version since it started.

    One request, is it possible to have the HDR+ setting be remembered? For example, if it’s set to HDR+ Enhanced, could it stay on that option until I change it? Currently this version defaults to HDR+ each time I exit the app. I did enable the HDR+ menu in settings.

    Note, running ZLS on Nexus6P

    • Something is changed in official v5.x, if you open the settings menu, go back and the camera will switch to HDR+ auto automatically. if you choose HDR+ on or enhanced, without open the camera settings, it will stick to your choice.

      • Andrew Spearns

        Thanks for the info!

  • Danyel Gustavo

    Just installed here. A few notes:
    1. Thanks again for your incredible work. I can’t believe you already updated the camera so fast.
    2. Face retouch is pretty neat. Unlike on Samsung phones, is a very subtle effect, and doesn’t make my skin look like plastic. I’ll probably still keep it off, but I’m sure my sister will love it, lol.
    3. The camera icon was updated and now it looks exactly like the stock camera app. I liked the old one; it’s was an easy way to separate both apps.
    4. Is there way way to improve the video stabilization on the 6P, even if only at 1080p? You said the ‘advanced video stabilization’ libraries are included in the app.

    • Only pixel phone have the ESI with several gyro sensors, without that hardware Nexus phone can only perform a limited ESI effect.

  • Makkos

    My rear camera motion photos are laggy.
    The front camera motion photos stuck. It shows top the red dot, but stays red and end up with no motion captured… :/ Any idea for these two problems? (N 6P, 8.0, oct. 5)

    Face retouch works great though! 🙂
    Thanks for the update.

  • SE.

    Yay, updates arrived! Thanks, Charles

    tested fluently and can’t get what’s wrong – after making a photo and autotransferring to Google Photo for viewing, some random picture from my Google Photo library is being shown instead of just made photo. Swiping right brings me to it but never it happens after taking a photo.
    And by some reason – all my G.Photo library got messed up. Old photos shown as they were taken tonight mixed with present photos and I couldn’t get rid of it until I log off out of Google Photos.
    After logging in back – everything is OK. But just after making few photos with CameraNX and viewing it in Google Photo, issue with mixed photo library was back again which was never happened before.
    Can someone confirm such behavior?

    Nexus 5X @ 8.0.0 with Camera NX v7 ZSL

    • I did not get this issue, photos version 3.7.17, just a black preview and some logcat showing missing file, maybe we should wait for photos from Pixel 2 to fix this, or some kind of bugs, I’d like to see how this behaviour on Pixel 2.

      As I mention in the post, old viewer can’t view motion photos. I prefer the old viewer too, as I can see the preview during HDR+ process, that is a hard choice.

  • Chandrashekhar Singh

    thanks as always 🙂