Hello Android, About us

Welcome to ChromLoop.com! My tiny Android Playground.

You must be an Android guys, or playing with Android devices, looking for some tips of Android smart phones, Here you can find some good Android advice, Android news, Android apps, games and some other useful information. My previous phone is Motorola Milestone and Xperia X8, people keep discussing and making good stuff for these two Android phones as both of them was so popular in the past.

And now my daily cell phone is Google Nexus 4 running CM 10.1 with Faux kernel installed, there is a Sony Xperia S which is carried by my girlfriend and I used to do some system modification on it, I would like to share all good stuff and skills of these two Android phones. As I am living in China, I also post some Android news and information from Chinese Android forums. Of course, Me and my teammate will always focus on the newest Android device and applications.

I wish those little articles can help you. You can contact me with this e-mail address: [email protected].


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