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Which HTC Phone Will be Updated to Android 4.2 / Sense 5

Which HTC Phone Will be Updated to Android 4.2 / Sense 5

After releasing of the HTC Desire 606w and Butterfly S, HTC is scheduling the Android 4.2 / Sense 5 update for the current phones such as One X, One XL and One XT etc. It is a good news for the users who bought the HTC flagship phones before. Wondering whether your HTC phone will update to Android 4.2 / Sense 5? Here is a list of update schedule shows up in a HTC info site from Japanese.

How to Unlock the HTC Android Phone Bootloader with HTCDev Web Service

If your HTC Android device was released after 2011, then you could unlock its bootloader , HTC has built a website for HTC users who want to unlock their phones’ bootloader.

You could check out if your HTC Android device is supported unlock bootloader by visiting the HTCDev.com. The first support unlocking bootloader device is the HTC Sensation (EU) FOTA 1.45.301.2.

HTCDev Website Let Users Unlock the HTC Android phone Bootloader Online

HTCDev Website Let Users Unlock the HTC Android phone Bootloader Online

As previously expected, Today HTC launched its bootloader unlock website, the HTCDev , with receiving the Unlock command and phone Unlock code on this website, users can unlock all of the HTC Android phones which were released after 2011 . According to HTC Dev unlock the page, at present, the HTC Sensation (EU) FOTA 1.45.301.2 is the only phone which being able to unlock , it is selling by T-Mobile and Sprint,

You can Become a Master, HTC Mobile Phone Native Command code Collection

I found this HTC andorid phone Command code on internet and I would like to share it, maybe some command doesn’t work for old HTC phones, It should work on the phones which has a pre-installed Android 2.1 system.

HTCDev Site Online , Waiting for unlocking HTC Bootloader

HTC have released an amazing developer site, as HTC said before, they will create a online tool for unlocking bootloader on HTC phones.

In the modem times , frequent moves in the major companies to prevent or discourage the user to escape , HTC has recently exposed they will provide users with a online unlock tool, HTC made ​​a bold attempt

Taiwan HTC said its UK market share of smart phones has risen to 20%

HTC smartphone based on Google’s Android operating system, and RIM, Apple and Samsung competition.

According to the IDC data research firm, in the first quarter HTC UK market share of 15%, last year was 7%.

HTC was expected that 1100-1150 million smart phones will be sold worldwide in this season, that is revenue doubled over the same period last year.