HTCDev Site Online , Waiting for unlocking HTC Bootloader

HTC have released an amazing developer site, as HTC said before, they will create a online tool for unlocking bootloader on HTC phones.

In the modem times , frequent moves in the major companies to prevent or discourage the user to escape , HTC has recently exposed they will provide users with a online unlock tool, HTC made ​​a bold attempt - - giving the right to the user to choose that get the HTC provided tools, use it to unlock the bootloaders, of course, after the completion of the operation, equivalent to the user has indirectly given up the device warranty.

Now, as “the unlock your HTC phones” site is online, the real bootloader unlock tool will be released soon, though the we can’t not find the download link for it, but it must be available inside HTC develop apartment, maybe it is under testing or having some debug work to do, all I want to said is, I want Motorola do the same thing for us as the HTC does. except the Apple, Motorola is almost the only company who lock their smart phones, don’t let the developer flash custom roms on their phones. Waiting for the Motorola reaction.

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