Download Camera NX V5.5.1 Mod for Nexus 2015 phones, Base on Google Camera 4.3.016 (Fixed EIS with 60FPS Bug)

As the Google Camera version 4.3 was released, here is the latest Camera NX Mod V5.5 for Nexus 2015 phones, which is modified based on the new Google Camera. This time I provide a new experiment version for non-Nexus phones (ARM64) which is running Android 7.1+ Custom roms, with all Nexus specific feature unlocked, like Smart Burst, ZSL HDR+ shooting, as some people ask for it, it probably won’t work for most device which contain different camera and SoC hardware, but if your phone has the same hardware as Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P, even Pixel phones, it might be work, so try it yourself and report.

After finished the Camera NX mod, I tested the ZSL-HDR+ performance and quality with my Nexus 5X, looks like Nexus 5X still can’t perform the ZSL-HDR+ render job smoothly as before, the manually HDR+ process is much faster and more stable than ZSL-HDR+ mode, that is why I have made two versions of Camera NX mod, one have the same functions as Pixel phones (ZSL-HDR+, Hybrid-burst 240fps slow-motion, 60fps-video ready), the other just perform the same way as Nexus 6P (ZSL normal shooting, 6P’s Auto-HDR+, etc.). Btw, I’m running Android 7.1.2 beta.

Camera NX Google Camera MOD

I would like to point out that the pictures which was taken in ZSL HDR+ mode seems have a quality improvement, compared with normal HDR+ samples, ZSL HDR+ has a lower ISO and shorter exposure time, my point is, as the ISO was reduced, ZSL HDR+ picture’s noise is much less than HDR+. btw, I reduced the quantity of ZSL frames from 7 to 5 when running with Nexus 5X, as N5X has a lower specific hardware.

See what’s new about Google Camera 4.3.

Camera NX is a mod based of Google Camera, it’s made for bringing Pixel phones exclusive features to Nexus 2015 phones, unlocked features:
For Nexus 5X/6P:
– ZSL HDR+ shooting
– Hybrid Burst (enhanced Smart Burst)
– 60FPS video recording Ready. (you need to unlock the 30FPS limitation by the system, download link see below, thanks to defcomg)
– Higher video Bit Rate

For Nexus 5X
– ZSL Normal Shooting
– 240 fps Slow-motion video
– Nexus 6P HDR+ profile (No ZSL HDR+ version)

– ARM64 SoC.
– Android 7.1+ (As Android 7.1.x was officially released, I drop the compatible of Android 7.0)

– If you like the Burst more than ZSL HDR+, choose the No ZSL version, more stable.
– To turn off ZSL HDR+, you need to set HDR+ off.
– Custom roms getting black screen? try Open Gapps Stock version.

Update 2017/03/03

1. Fix fatal error bug when entering 60FPS mode while EIS is enabled. EIS will be disabled when using 60FPS settings.
2. Fix fatal error when using 4K video recording @ 60FPS mode. 60FPS option will be disabled when using 4K resolution.
3. New app round icon (Need Pixel Mod to display).

Download Camera NX V5.5.1
CameraNX-V5.5.1-NOZSLHDR-signed | AFH mirror

CameraNX-V5.5.1-ZSLHDR-signed | AFH mirror

For other phone models:
CameraNX-Experiment-V5.5-signed | AFH mirror

Update 2017-03-02

For those who need recording 60FPS videos, you need to modify system vendor libraries. All credit goes to defcomg@XDA, thank you so much.
Tested with Android 7.1.2 with Nexus 5X, all things works except one little bug, you can only take 120fps slow-motion videos. Nexus 6P should work too.
XDA Forum post link:
You can just extract the zip package(it is NOT a flashabe package), then use any root file manager to copy the libs files to your /vendor/lib/ folder, replace the original files(You’d better to make a backup of those two files.), reboot. if you are using Camera NX, no need to copy media xml profile, as the media profile is for the stock camera.
One bug if you use the cracked libs: only 120FPS slow-motion.

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  • Abhisht Gokool

    There is no option for hdr with lineage os on huawei p9

  • Danny Bergsma

    I’m running your excellent mod on my Nexus 5X (running LineageOS 14.1). Unfortunately, I experience many hiccups (dropped frames) in 240fps slow motion mode (NoZSL and ZSL version). How can I fix this?

  • danitkd93

    Is possibile to have hdr+ on no pixel/nexus device Like oneplus 3t?

    • pietro


  • pavel.rad

    Hi. I’ve tried all 3 versions on my HTC 10 with Lineage OS 14.1, but HDR option is not available. I also tried version from Google Play, and don’t see any difference between this mod and original application. Googling says that my device has the same camera sensor as Nexus 5X/6P (Sony IMX377), and I thought Google Camera will work on it in the same way. Any ideas how to get HDR working on my device?

  • Ygor Cortes

    Thank you for your work! Do you think it’s possible to force HDR+ to work on other phones? If not, how about forcing normal HDR? Normal HDR works on Google Camera 2.5 (the one available on the Play Store for me.)

  • Vaibhav Puri

    I Don’t Own A Google Device, But, I Really Like The Dual-Tab Settings Page (ALL & SUPPORT),

    Sir, Please Tell Me How To Interpret Codes To Get This Double-Tab UI….

    In Settings.apk

    I’m Using Lineage OS 14.1

    Sir, Please Reply

  • dancedar1

    Any way to do 60fps @ 1080p without root – by this i mean can the modded libs be stored locally (/data) and the camera apk be modded so it points to the local libs instead of system ones, this negating the need for root? This would be AWESOME for non-rooted users – it’s gotta be possible, right?

    • SE.Quence

      What about driving your car with engine stored in your garage allowing you not to open the hood?

      • dancedar1

        Seems progress is being made, so it’s not impossible πŸ™‚

  • dan

    Rooted with Magisk on 7.1.1. 5X – installed ZSL version and works fine, doesn’t crash on me in burst, zsl works ok not as bad as expected from explaination, and can do 60fps at 1080p without doing defcomg’s mod/file copy πŸ™‚


  • SE.Quence

    Did you reboot your 6P after replacing libs?
    And moreover, make sure you’ve granted Solid Explorer root privileges and they are still legit to write in /root directory.

    • Carson Cheung

      I did reboot my phone, and also I’m pretty sure I have granted root privileges for Solid Explorer, cause I was able to activate Google Assistant by editing the “build.prop” file in “root/system”, so…

      • SE.Quence

        strange… anyway, logics says somewhere is mistake cause it should work if everything is done properly. And even you already succeed on 5X.
        I faced same story on my 5X but everything fixed itself after reboot.
        I also use solid explorer but before putting files I copied them to other directory for backup. Instead of scrolling long list of files I was using search to filter needed files and instead of replacing.
        The fact you see black screen in camera says libs are not stock, I guess.

  • Vidit Parab

    Running the experimental apk on OnePlus 3 stock oxygen os……. The burst mode doesn’t work at all (I guess you can fix it)……. Slo-mo crashes instantly (problem with the ROM)….. Can you look into the burst mode problem?

  • Luca

    HDR doesn’t work on Xiaomi with RR

  • djbob2000

    down video bitrate please…

  • SE.Quence

    60 fps works flawlessly, thanks to Charles.
    But I faced same situation as before when found 60fps 5X’s videos recorded by other people – all they appear to be accelerated. All movements and camera panning look like they are faster 1.5x than normal. That’s too obvious and making video not natural despite 60fps smoothness.

    • For me it did not have thiis issue, I try recording the timer of PC, compare with the video time, it is in normal speed.
      Could you post some samples?

      • SE.Quence

        I wouldn’t say it’s issue. I guess it just has effect of rapid movements because of 60 fps. Appears a bit not naturally but anyway it works! Thanks for constant modding

  • Dwi Cahyono Prasetyo


  • SE.Quence

    I still have old icon on my 5X with Pixel launcher? same as stock camera and same as it was before

    • Oh, I forgot to mention the new icon need Pixel mod to display, it’s the round icon.

      • SE.Quence

        Got you, it’s ok)
        I was using your Pixel mod on stock ROM – it was awesome especially home button animation. Now I migrated to custom ROM and returned some pixel stuff with substratum theme.
        Anyway, afaik, your mod is ONLY for stock rom. Using it on custom rom will cause bootloop, right?

        • Yes, there are only for stock rom, as the SytemUI and framework-res are different to custom roms.
          But my tutorial of Home button animation should be suit for most AOSP based custom roms.
          I’m going to post the tutorial about modifying framework-res.apk, a part of Pixel mod which control blue theme, round icon, etc.

  • RiccardoII

    i need help for the 60 fps update!
    what mean “copy le libs” ??
    just flash the .zip file?

    • No, it is not a flashable package.
      Open the XDA link, download and extract the lib files, use any root explore, locate /vendor/lib/ folder, backup the original files of your rom:,, like rename them to,, then copy the new libs files to /vendor/lib/ folder, reboot.

      • RiccardoII

        Ok ok ! Thank you very much for you help and your patience! And for all your incredible work! Awesome!
        I’m a noob and totaly forgot to use a root explorer on thw phone instead! Hahah ops!
        However all work perfectly! Thanks!

  • Swimmercool

    60 FPS don’t work! This is fake information and function

    • Hi, When I said “60FPS ready” I mean if your rom has no 30FPS limitation, the app can record 60FPS video.
      We need to crack some system libraries, I can’t do it by just modified the camera.

      • Swimmercool

        Yep. It work! Thanks. Tell please: how make quality video 60fps and slomo better?

        • Yes, video recording bit rate has been raised,


    • OK, updated system libs 60FPS mod.

  • Eric Horchuck

    Why is this not on the Play Store??

  • Carlos RodrΓ­guez

    The 60FPS option is not working on a 6P running 7.1.2.

    The video gets recorded at 29FPS πŸ™


    • Manuel Rodriguez

      How do you record at 60fps? You take a link?

    • There is the captive FPS by system library, if you can find a way to crack that limitations, it can record 60FPS videos.
      See XDA DEV forum for more details.

    • Swimmercool

      Yes. It not work on Nexus 5X 7.1.2 Beta too. Fake

  • Stephen Yochim Sr.

    What do I do when I get a Parsing error when I try to install any of the three downloads on Nexus 5?

    • Danyel Gustavo

      It’s for amr64 only. Not compatible with Nexus 5/6.

  • Danyel Gustavo

    Which link should I download to get the same functions as Pixel phones? CameraNX-V5.5-NOZSLHDR-signed or CameraNX-V5.5-ZSLHDR-signed? I have a Nexus 6P running 7.1.1. Thanks for the upload.

    • Ahh, N6P should use ZSL version, as long as it won’t crash when burst photos, you can try both to see which one is better.
      For N5X users, ZSL version can’t be stable as NOZSL version, as it need more memory than N5X’s capacity in some situations.

  • SE.Quence

    N5X @ NitrogenOS
    Runs perfectly

    Charles is a MAN! as usual

  • Obinna D.

    On OnePlus 3 running legend ROM 7.1 everything but slow motion works (when I click on it whole app crashes).

    • How about the ZSL , HDR+, Burst? did they works too?

      • sawyer bergeron

        Sorry that this reply is rather late. I’m trying it out on my 3t and none of those options are available. There isn’t any shutter lag for normal photos, but there are no options for hdr (of any sort) or burst. Long pressing the shutter button does nothing, and trying to select slow motion still crashes the app.

        Thanks for your hard work, I loved it on the 6p and hope to get it working on the 3t.

  • latest PN 6P crash on startup

    • Sorry, which version did you choose?
      Anyone using N6P can confirm it?

      • Joe Grassi

        N6P No ZSL working AMAZINGLY…
        Thank you very much for all you’ve done!

  • yogesh

    Not working in oneplus 2 running Lineage os 14.1(based on nougat 7.1.1).
    Crash at startup.

    • Francesco Russo

      same here

      • Masymul Arif Ishak

        U need HAL 3 enabled to make it work on LOS

  • ImQseft

    @charles which do you prefer for Nexus 5X? No ZSL HDR or ZSL HDR?

    • jdaclutch

      Would also like to know, but I just downloaded zsl just cuz

  • Philip Chang

    is it possible to make ZSL HDR+ for the nexus 6??

    • SE.Quence

      afaik, Nexus 6’s SD805 is 32-bit SoC

    • ZSL HDR+ need Sony’s camera hardware I suppose.
      CameraNX v5.4 have the ARM32 version but not fully functioning, see the previous post.