[Mod] Enable Google Assistant on Non-Pixel Devices without Changing Phone Model (Update 6.9.37)

If you are using a non-Pixel phones and feel interest in Google Assistant, you should already know the method that how to enable Google Assistant on your phone, which is changing your device model to “Pixel” or “Pixel XL”, but this change may break something that related to device model, some people has reported they have camera crash issue after doing the build.prop change, and other problem with OTA or device detection. And now here is another way that enable Google Assistant on non-Pixel devices, we are going to hack the Google App itself.

How to install?

Before installation, read this carefully
I will provide a flash-able package for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P (arm64 version) and a arm version for others like Nexus 4 / Nexus 5 / Nexus 6, Google App version is, you can install it through TWRP, PS. I suggest you use it on Android 7.0+ roms. This is only tested on Nexus 5X running Android 7.1.1 DP2, but it should work for Android 7.0+ stock roms, it should also work on custom roms (7.0+) with Gapps installed. I don’t promise it will work on other roms, theoretically if your system’s Google App apk was located at /system/priv-app/Velvet/Velvet.apk (7.0+), the mod should work. I also noticed if I change the system language from English to others, Google Assistant still works when long press the home button, speak the current language.

The installation only change one file of your system, it is /system/priv-app/Velvet.apk. You can back up the original file yourself before installation, as it broke the signature scheme V2, this mod can not be install by a normal way, You also Can not Install Google App Update through Play Store, and you should revert it before OTA installation. I will provide an update when a New version of Google App released.

Google Assistan mod 1

Continue if you understand the risk, do this step by step.
1. Go to Settings -> Apps, find Google Apps, check top-right menu, uninstall update.
2. Download the Flash-able package, install it through TWRP, then reboot.
3. Let the phone settle down, long press home button to see if Assistant pops up, if some FC error appear, Go to Settings -> Apps, find Google Apps, tap Storage, manage space, Clear Google search data, then go back to Google Apps info page, tap permission, check all permission, then try long press home button again, Google Assistant should show up.

How to restore?
I also provide a Back-to-Stock zip as usual, but it is only for Nexus 5X / 6P running Android 7.1.1 DP2, if you are using custom roms (7.0+), you can simply flash your original Gapps package to go back to stock. If you are using stock roms, try flash OTA zip or system images, or just restore your backup.

I test myself on Nexus 5X and no bugs. Here is a sample video recorded by me.

Download Link: (Updated 01/04, latest v6.9.37, no-dpi)
Arm64 version: Google-App-Mod-6.9.37.Arm64
Back to Stock (N5X/6P @ Final 7.1.1 only): BacktoStock-Google-App-arm64

Arm version: Google-App-Mod-6.9.37.Arm

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  • subins mani

    Hai chromloop now no need to edit the device name to pixel on, Only need to add ro.opa.eligible_device=true this line. and must have latest google beta app…

    • Yeah, and that’s why I did not update this mod recently, turns out Google might release Assistant to non-Pixel phones.

  • Alex Freeman

    New version 6.11.21

  • Alex Freeman

    there is new version. And give me an idea how to stop automatically update this app via Google Play. Or the only way to skip that is to update everything manually?

  • Nareskumar

    Hi man… Didn’t wanna bug u but are u still updating this app?

    • As we don’t need to change phone model to get Assistant, I think adding a line to build.prop is better, ro.opa.eligible_device=true .

  • Rodrigo Souza

    Don’t work more with “any language”. Before I could use Google Assistant in Brazilian Portuguese, now I do not know why I can not anymore

  • John

    okay google hotword always shows me a setup window. everything turned on, cleaned storage data and cache. gave a permissions. set always on. google assistant works but okay google hotword doesnt.
    device : redmi note 3 pr
    rom. cm14.1 7.1 android

    • Looks like the “ok google” detection just works for Nexus device.

    • Sean Leckie

      Grab ChopAssistant from the Play Store 🙂

  • Nareskumar

    does this mod work with the final release of 7.1.1. tq

    • The latest release version is, I will update to this version. 6.9 is still in beta status

      • Nareskumar

        Thanks man. Didn’t realised I was in beta.

      • Nareskumar

        Bro I got another issue..u said the Google app can’t be updated thru play store after flashing the mod but my phone has updated the Google app twice n i had to repeat the process to gain access to Google assistant again. Is this weird. Sorry n thanks bro

        • Yes, I got the update too, turns out signature scheme V2 won’t effect update app. I will update the mod to new version.

    • Hi, v6.9.36 is up!

      • Nareskumar

        Thanks man…That was fast

      • Nareskumar

        bro… 6.10.37 update is out… 🙂

  • Akil

    does ok google hotword work with this ?

    • Yes, you need to set up the always on mode.

  • Kristian