Download Pixel Mod for Nexus 5X / 6P Android 7.1.2 (Update Nexus 6P NPG47I)

Google released Android 7.1.2 for Nexus 5X and Pixel phones last week, if you ask for the change log, Google will give you the classic release note: bug fixes and performance improvements πŸ™‚ Android 7.1.2 seems more stable and solid, lower memory usage, also the scrolling operation feel more smooth, the kernel version updated to 3.10.73. The biggest change for Nexus 5X is

the swipe for notifications feature, this was Pixel phones exclusive before, which is very useful while the phone is running full screen apps like games or watching videos, you don’t need to swipe on the edge of the screen to pull down the notification bar, just swipe on the fingerprint, one bug is the direction won’t change if the phone is in landscape mode, you need to swipe from left to right side.

Ok, let’s talk about Pixel Mod for Android 7.1.2, Nexus 5X with NPG05D, In Android 7.1.2, the code inside SystemUI did not change a lot, some changes about blue-tooth and phone UI. A new “showTemperatureWarning” shows up in configuration. The framework-res.apk file size down from 27Mb to 24Mb, Google did some clean job. btw, the navigation home button animation has been optimized, doing the modification job with Android 7.1.2 is easier than 7.1.1. That all.

Android 7.1.2

This Pixel mod will change the default System UI of AOSP to Pixel’s style, add Pixel Launcher, Wallpaper (not live wallpaper), Round Icons, Blue color theme, Navigation bar with solid buttons and home button animation, System UI tuner, Night light mode. It also hide the mic icon on home screen when using Pixel Launcher without Google Assistant enabled. All files are brought from Pixel’s 7.1.2 factory images.

This is TWRP flashable zip package, I also provide the Back to Stock flashable package, All has been tested by me on Nexus 5X. And as always, DO NOT USE THIS MOD ON ANY OTHER ROM.

Update Pixel Mod 2017/03/23 Android 7.1.2 beta NPG47I for Nexus 6P
Update Pixel Mod 2017/03/22 Android 7.1.2 beta NPG47I for Nexus 5X

Download link:
Pixel-Mod-7.1.2-N5X-npg47i | AFH Mirror
BacktoStock-7.1.2-N5X-npg47i | AFH Mirror

—— For Nexus 6P users, do a full backup first,though it was confirmed working. it’s for NPG47I build.

Pixel-Mod-7.1.2-N6P-npg47i | AFH Mirror
BacktoStock-7.1.2-N6P-npg47i | AFH Mirror

Settings Single Mod:
Pixel-Mod-Settings-7.1.2-N5X-npg47i | AFH Mirror
BacktoStock-Settings-7.1.2-N5X-npg47i | AFH Mirror

—— For Nexus 6P users, do a full backup first, though it was confirmed working. it’s for NPG47I build.

Pixel-Mod-Settings-7.1.2-N6P-npg47i | AFH Mirror
BacktoStock-Settings-7.1.2-N6P-npg47i | AFH Mirror


Read more details About this Pixel Mod.

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  • Alexander Kazmin

    You miss pixel setting icon :c

    • Mohamed Hani Bioud

      No we have the pixel setting icon!

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    Charles why you don’t include bootanimation and sound ui of pixel in the zip! I hate the ui sound of Nexus..

  • Caillian S

    Chromloop perhaps you should make a post about how O support won’t be for a while considering how the APKtool dev won’t update the tool until August

  • Caillian S

    Does this work on Android 7.1.2 Beta 2 on Nexus 6P? Thinking of downgrading because O Root is highly unstable, and O itself is pretty useless and buggy on the 6P atm (Some apps don’t work, battery life is terrible, O is problematic, etc.) With no APKtool O support until August (spoke with dev, that’s what he told me, as O official release will probaly be around August), that means NO O PIXEL MOD UNTIL AUGUST. I don’t want to wait that long, I miss the mod too much. So I’m definitely thinking of taking the downgrade train, but I need to know if the mod works on 7.1.2 beta 2. Will I have to downgrade all the way back to beta 1? Because I don’t want to do that, and if that’s the case, I guess I’ll be waiting until August. But I hope it works. Will someone let me know?

    • It has been update to beta 2 in the same way as N5X’s mod, but some said it did not work yesterday, I can’t test it by myself, so I did the modification work second time today and can not find anything wrong in the process, so I need more people to do the test.
      Ps. If you guys have any important data, you should backup first.
      Thanks for trying it out.

      • Caillian S

        Is the edited (hopefully safe) version uploaded and ready to go? If it is, I will be downgrading from O this afternoon and flashing the mod. If someone else can test the new version before me that would be great. (if it is up, can someone test and confirm?) Need to test Nexus 6P 7.1.2 Beta 2 Zip files (Settings Mod and Pixel Mod itself)

        • No need to upload a edited version as I got the same result as the first one, and I just missed the comment 3 days before, it was confirmed working on N6P with NPG47I.

      • Caillian S

        Also, can I use a ported O Pixel Launcher instead of the Pixel Launcher you include in the zip? I would just need to delete your pixel launcher from the system, and import my own ported O launcher right?

        • Haven’t try O’s apps yet. Yes you can replace the apk files inside the package.

          • Caillian S

            Update: Managed to downgrade from O to 7.1.2. Way better in every way. Right now, I would say O is not worth it for the Nexus 6P. The backported O Pixel Launcher and ported mod work.

        • Mohamed Hani Bioud

          Yes you do it Caillian!

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    Charles are you using Android O?

    • No, I still on 7.1.2 beta.

  • Pablo Quiroga

    Tried this on a Nexus 6p, running 7.1.2 beta 2. NPG47I, didn’t work. It looped my phone, I tried to revert everything with backtostock zip and it didn’t work so I had to reinstall everything

    • Mohamed Hani Bioud

      Sorry for you! πŸ™

    • Sorry, it should be something wrong with SystemUI, and that’s why I suggest doing backup.
      I try rebuild it to see if I do something wrong before.

    • May I ask when you say looped your phone, it stuck at which screen? white Google or boot animation?
      Also, when you install mod with TWRP, does it showed any warnings?

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud
  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    Just two days after Google released the first developer preview of Android O, it’s been rooted. Well, sort of, can you do something now?

    • Sorry, but it looks like we can not decode the new apk files from O with Apktool right now, author of apktool said he need the new AOSP source code to solve the problem. So nothing I can do right now.

    • Caillian S

      I talked to the dev of APKtool. He says what Charles said below, and he told me we would have to wait until August.

  • Alex Freeman

    does it work on 7.1.1?

    • No, it only works on 7.1.2 beta2.
      Android 7.1.2 final might be released in next two month.

  • Ghost

    Installed “Pixel-Mod-7.1.2-N5X-npg47i” On my nexus 5x beta2 7.1.2 via TWRP and when it boot up it says “Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and may not work properly.” And stays on the GOOGLE Bootlogo forever… What the f*** do I have to do to get my device back to life?

    • Ghost

      Nevermind I fixed it but… Can you explain step by step how to install your mod from scratch? Cause I don’t want to f*** up my device again xD

      • When install the zip, did TWRP show any error log or just say successful?
        Did you root your phone?

        • Ghost

          I didn’t root it… Just change the recovery! And TWRP Just says when it boots up “Cannot mount main storage” Or something like that

        • Ghost

          Forget it! I upgraded to android O… Works pretty stable really! Will wait ’till you upgrade your mod

      • You need to root your phone, or use modified boot image to avoid dm-verify & encryption.
        check this thread:

  • subins mani

    According to android O nav button color change to black when background color is white… So its intresting tsk to porting…
    Waiting for u sir…
    Best of luck.. πŸ˜€

    • Apktool can not decode Android O’s apk files, nothing can do but wait for apktool’s update.

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    So Charles what’s new? We need new Mod from Pixel in Android O πŸ˜€

  • AvisAile

    it doesn’t work in android O (but it’s logic) πŸ˜‰

    • Mohamed Hani Bioud

      Thanks! AvisAlile can you add me on Allo?

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud


    • Yes I saw the news, I already download the O factory image, to see what new stuff we can use.
      As it still in alpha status, I suggest don’t use it as daily drive, better wait for the beta test.

      • Garden

        Will release the mod for Nexus 6P?
        Thanks for your help

        • N6P mod updated. πŸ™‚

          • Michael

            Can confirm works on Nexus 6P 7.1.2 NPG47I. It’s awesome!

      • Mohamed Hani Bioud

        I tested it from yesterday and it nice, stable, i don’t see any bug!
        I need to wait for supersu root Android O and i’m waiting for you too please do it for us!

  • Ghost

    I’m on Nexus 5X 7.1.2 beta2 (NPG7I)… Will this mod work on my device?

    • Ghost

      Sorry didn’t read the com that says it end on bootloop on the beta2 xD

    • Mod updated πŸ™‚

  • AvisAile

    bootloop with 7.1.2 build NPG47I on nexus 5x.

    • Mohamed Hani Bioud

      It’s work?

    • Thanks for the report, I should start to work on the update but I need factory images.

    • Ok, Mod updated πŸ™‚

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    Work for new update BETA?

    • Need update…

      • Mohamed Hani Bioud

        We are waiting 😍

  • Peter

    Nexus 6p pixel mod 7.1.2 doesn’t work for me… stuck in a boot… (7.1.1 fingerprint reader swipe doesn’t work on my Nexus 6p) 😞

    • New beta? Sorry, mod need update.

  • Rodrigo Souza

    Please Charles, now that google assistant is out for all, can you continue the mod to support all languages? If not, can you do a post explaining how you did to work in all languages so that other people can continue their work?

  • Garden

    Nexus 6P pixel mod Android 7.1.2…works perfectly .. Thanks

  • Vincent Allen II

    Will you update this mod for the Nexus 6P on 7.1.2?

    • Just finish updating post.
      Do a backup first.
      Try it and if it works please report, thank you.

      • Vincent Allen II

        Can you make a zip with just the pixel home button animation for the Nexus 6P on 7.1.2? My Nexus 6P finally got the Google Assistant update, so i dont need the additional pixel stuff

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud


  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    What about Setting icon?

    • Ah… just uploaded two days ago, job is busy..

  • Matt Smith

    Thought maybe I was using the wrong version at first, but just verified I grabbed the right zip. When I flash it in TWRP and reboot it comes back in Google Now Launcher and rebooting back to the bootloader I find that stock recovery is installed.

    • Matt Smith

      I figured it out! Had to root!

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    You are the best.

  • Mohamed Hani Bioud

    Thanks love you.

  • Chandrashekhar Singh

    You are awesome! Thank you so much

    • Mohamed Hani Bioud

      @Chandrashekhar Singh you like it like me? I want to add you on Google Allo.