Updated Camera NX V5.4 Base on New Google Camera 4.2.035, Bug Fixes and Performance Improvement (APK Download)

New Google Camera version 4.2.035 released yesterday, no new features added, just bug fixes and performance improvement. After I apply the Camera NX Mod base on New Google Camera, I found the Burst Mode performance is improved on Nexus 5X, especially the shorter response time, though it still crashes sometimes if you start to burst right after taking a photo with ZSL HDR+, normal usage is still solid, I try burst more than 15 photos and it still can handle it. This is the noticeable improvement. Let’s see what are the changes under the hood.

Video recording fixes, Add a “Video reached the duration limit.” alert when you try to record video longer than duration limit, it is 30 minutes.

Panorama mode has some improvements with the light cycle, you can test it if you like take panorama photos.

New function: forceStopBurst(), and other burst related code added, though I did not use this feature a lot, I think burst mode still need more tweak.

Forcing Nexus 6 to use non-deferred config, it is the only device-specific change, seems like a nerf. Google hate Nexus 6 might be true, you can tell from the lack of Android 7.1.1 release at first place.

Last one, some changes of the Auto Flash controlling in Hdr+ mode.

Camera NX Google Camera MOD

I still provide two version, one enabled ZSL and one has NO ZSL feature, the other features is the same. Want to know what is ZSL? Check the previous post: Details about Camera NX with ZSL HDR+. You might notice I have disabled the HDR+ Auto automatic selection in this update, this is not a bug, it is another exclusive “feature” for Pixel phones. Looks like Google did not active the changing scenes feature in this version, does Pixel has this feature? correct me if I’m wrong.

Update 12/10, Base on new Google Camera, Add ARM No ZSL version.

APK Download Link:
CameraNX-V5.4.1-ZSL | mirror – Require Android 7.1.1.
CameraNX-V5.4.1-NOZSL | mirror – Recommend for Android 7.0, If you prefer more stable burst fun and did not care about ZSL, use this one.

ARM version:
CameraNX-V5.4.1-ARM-NOZSL | mirror – For Nexus 6, Not tested, don’t know what features works.

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  • Erich Espinosa

    Any chance the ARM version for Nexus 6 running on 7.1.1 Nougat will get updated?

  • Erich Espinosa

    Any chance the ARM version for Nexus 6 will get updated?

  • Franck

    Thank you so much, it works perfectly on Nexus 6 with LOS 14.1 !!!

  • blasphemous24

    Will we see a v5.5?

    • Yes, I already using it.


        I hope this works on other arm devices running 7.1.1 on custom ROMs. Best of luck 🙂

  • Gianguido Sorà

    Hey @charleschow:disqus , I’m using a nextbit robin (which uses same N5X hardware) and I was wondering if you could provide a modified APK which works on this device. It’s capable of photo sphere, panorama photos.

    • Hi, I would like to ask if it can run Android 7.1? If so, I think we can give it a try, right now I’m working on the New mod, as the Google Camera 4.3 is out, lots of things has changed, maybe need more time.

      • Gianguido Sorà

        It runs 7.1 thanks to lineageos, and 7.0 through its stock firmware.
        Whenever you feel like it’s OK to try it out, drop me a comment here or even an email and I’ll be more than happy to test it out.


        Hey, I’m using a custom ROM based on 7.1.1 as well on my Moto G turbo (arm). I’ve been following Camera NX but none of the versions work on this yet. Will it be possible to have a mod that works on other arm devices running 7.1.1?

      • K.

        Yes. Nextbit Robin is now on 7.1.1, official stock rom. Only HDR+ is not working on this phone.

  • Chandrashekhar Singh

    Hello charles, are you updating new content somewhere else than this website. Haven’t seen your content in a long while. Hope you continue updating stuff atleast once a month. I like this website

  • Adam

    Hi, I have a question, does CameraNX contain EIS from PIXEL? Or it is just ordinary EIS from NEXUS 6P? Thanks

  • JAN

    Thank you for your excellent work, I’m using v4 update 1 on a LG G4 with cyanogenmod and finally i can use 1080p at 60 fps, it works flawlessly. I cannot test hdr or zsl because this options only appear on nexus phones, thanks again

  • Alex Freeman

    Auto Flash not always working in night, or at all. Sometimes photos dissapear after using both cameras, I didn’t get from NX or original, but for sure after instaling NX.

  • DanieleRusso

    Hello Charles,do you think it could be possibile to modify the app to have front screen flash as iPhone or Samsung?

    • Alex Freeman

      Good Ideea, I want it too..

  • Tj Hafer

    Even with forced rotation on portrait the picture still looks like it was taken in landscape. I just tried to take a picture of my son sleeping, and had the phone slightly turned sideways. I’m using with the Nexus 6P. Other than that, great camera!

    • I don’t have this issue with N5X…maybe it is N6P specific?

  • pbvider

    Fantastic job,this is the camera that Google should have put in the first place in android devices.

  • Akil

    just tried the arm version on my N6 ( Cr droid 1.4 rom ) Camera work’s fine but smart burst not working and no fps option on Video.everything else is fine

  • Tanmoy

    Thanks @charleschow:disqus , you made my 5X a better device altogether. Please keep doing what you’re doing. You’re the man.

  • Filipp Filipovich

    no more 60 fps on 1080p?

    • That option didn’t work without a modified library at the beginning.

      • Filipp Filipovich

        But it was working in 3.1 version without changing, isn’t it?

      • WittyPixel

        can you re add the option? I have a nougat lib that should work.

  • SE.Quence

    Just installed new mod and stock camera got updated via Play.
    Checked versions – seems nothing especial, still 4.2.035

  • himenohogosha

    Does this work for 7.1.1 DP2 and also official 7.1.1 release?

  • Ygor Cortes

    Can’t install it on my Nexus 6 :/

    • Sorry, it’s for arm 64 devices.

    • Just found the arm version, I will update it later.

    • Could you test the arm version to see if it works?

  • SerJo

    You can somehow run all function your camera on other devices, not nexus 5x/6p???? Maybe add lib/framework, change build.prop or alse??? Your camera work fine, but not smart-burst, hdr+, etc. Sorry for my English. Android 7.1.1 Device kenzo

    • Did you have sphere, panorama, slow motion?
      It is not only phone model limited, the camera hardware also count, if I give you an all feature-unlocked for anyphone version, it will have the option but fallen to crash without hardware support.

      • SerJo

        Yes, there is the possibility, but not all. Could you make a test version with unlocked smartburst other for all devices. Thank you!

  • Danyel Gustavo

    Great post! Can you confirm if it’s possible to have stabilization when recording 4K? I saw the option in previous version, but it didn’t seem to work. Now it’s removed.

    • Sorry that’s was just an accident, EIS on 4K capture was limited by driver not camera app, it just wont work.