Android 3.2 OS release, Tablet PC market, there are variables

Google’s Android operating system is slowly but steadily infiltrated into the tablet pc. Designed specifically for business users in addition to Cisco Cius Tablet PC, other devices are aimed at ordinary consumers. For now, Android Tablet PC, there are many variables. If successful, Google will be another platform a large number of customers; but if that fails, consumers will realize that the Android for Tablet PC version is no difference compare with the Android for smart phone , which will bring Google disastrous consequences. So, Android Tablet PC can not afford to fail.

Now the Google Android 3.2 OS release date is here. Motorola users are already receiving the rollout of updates in phases. For Xoom tablet users you can expect a new viewing mode known as “zoom to fill” and you will also get fully enabled SD card slots. See how unlock the Motoroal xoom bootloader. If you want to upgrade to Android 3.2, you must have the official system installed.

In terms of new features for the Android 3.2 there won’t be a lot compared to Android 3.1 but that doesn’t mean it’s lack thereof either.

Qualcomm processors is one of the new features that’s supported by the new version as well as support for 7-inch tablet devices. This means we can expect to see smaller (and cheaper) android tablets. Actually, some made-in-china cheap tablet is here, selling in China, ready for export to all over the world.

There will also be of course many bug fixes and improved hardware accelerations to make animations and videos much smoother.

The Android 3.2 Honeycomb version should be available to the general public by end of July early August time frame.

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