Google Now Weather with Frog Illustration Making Weather Info More Creativity

Google Now is making the Weather card more functional and interesting, they tested rolled out the New Weather Home screen Shortcut to some users on January, the most interesting thing is the Weather Frog illustration, if you search for different places over the world, there are different illustrations showing the local weather status, day and night mode, even change in different hours, like dinner time, driving to work mornings, afternoon playing time, etc.

some didn’t have the chance to meet the weather frog, but now with the Google Now App version, you can add this cute weather reporter by this way. First make sure your phone language settings is English, and you have enabled the Weather Card in Google Now settings, also you need to turn on the location setting. then tap the weather card in Google Now or search “weather”, “weather tomorrow” in the home screen search bar, then tap the weather details on the search results, you should see the new “Google Weather” page, you can check out the feature weather by slide to right, up to ten days. If you want to quickly visit this Weather page, you can slidingDrawer and tap “add to home screen”. a weather shortcut will appear on your Google now launcher.

Here is some beautiful illustrations I collected, of course, the leading role is this little Frog.

Google Now Weather Frog Clear Night 2

Google Now Weather Frog Clear Night

Google Now Weather Frog Cloudy Night

Google Now Weather Frog Cloudy

Google Now Weather Frog Sunny

Google Now Weather Frog Thunder

Google Now Weather Frog rainy Night

Why Google use Frog? I think it is because frogs is very sensitive to weather changes, and in some old legends, North and South American Indian shaman link frogs and rain, they believe frogs can control weather, though we know that is just opposite. however this Weather Frog just continues the consistent innovation of Google style, I hope we can get a widget of weather in the future.
You can get the google app apk by this link: Download link of Google App apk files.

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  • Ericka

    Absolutely love the frog always nice to see thanks for coming up with that

  • Jeannette Veganess Turner

    I love to see the cute frog. Unfortunately it has disappeared from my phone. Hoe can I get it back?

  • John

    Love the weather frog. A real treat to see him!

  • Margaret J Pichette

    I love the weather frog! He’s so cute and does the sweetest things. Sometimes he’s not there and i get upset. I want my frog.

  • Pam Allemeier

    Mine went away too how do I get back

    • Hi, did you get the Google Now on home screen, I mean slide to left to open Google now page function?
      Or you can try this way: search weather in Google app, did you get the weather info of your location?

  • Thomas Glen Stukel

    I love this little frog so much! I try to do what he’s doing when I have a free day/night 🙂 Thank you whoever makes these for us! Xoxo

  • Brian S

    where did the weather frog go? He’s not around anymore… 🙁 We really liked him. Please bring him back! Thanks

    • If you search “weather” in Google app, can you see the weather report info or just search results? check location settings, see if Google can’t get your position.

  • Nancy

    Can understand if there’s a weather emergency, but lately on most of the cities I check, the weather “Froggie” is not showing up. My grandchildren & I love seeing him and get disappointed when he’s not appearing on the screen. This just started a few weeks ago, & is very aggravating. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, we miss him!!!

    • Maybe you need to update Google App ? I can still see the frog.

  • Laura

    I love my weather frog! Just got the Pixel and this is a charming feature

  • Karen Makley

    Whoever is responsible for this THANK YOU! The frog illustrations are adorable!

  • Jean Choquette

    Thank you