How to Update Old Emoji to Android N Preview 2 New Look

Google just released the Android N preview 2 update to modern Nexus series, many people are busy digging to find out the new stuff, at the meantime, they just noticed the system built-in Emoji have been redesigned, it looks more clear and conformity, OK you may ask can we get these new Emoji on our phones, the answer is YES! The following method will tell you how to update Android 5.1+ old Emoji to the Android N preview 2 new look, we just need root access and change one file then enjoy the new Emoji.

First, Let’s see how the new Emoji looks in Handouts, btw, I didn’t capture all Emoji, and you should be aware, Handouts doesn’t show all Emojis within the emoji panel, you should use Google keyboard to explore more new Emojis.
New emoji in Android N

New emoji in Android N 2

Looks amazing, now here is the method for updating Emoji, it is an easy job.
1, Download the New Emoji font file from Android N preview 2.
2, Unzip the file, you should get an NotoColorEmoji.ttf file, copy this ttf file to your phone’s sdcard.
3, I suggest you do a TWRP backup first, then use any root file manager like the root explorer, Located to /root/system/fonts/ directory, find the origin NotoColorEmoji.ttf file, rename it to NotoColorEmoji.old, then copy the new NotoColorEmoji.ttf from sdcard to /root/system/fonts/ directory and set its permission to “rw-r-r”, then reboot your phone, done.

I succeed get the new Emoji on my Nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1, this method is easier than the flash-zip method in this article and less risk, as flash the whole font package is not necessary.

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  • Pierre David

    When the newest will be out? Facepalm,etc

    • Maybe they are working on it, let’s wait for IO 2016, N will be official released.

      • Pierre David

        Ok so they are not in the dev preview 2 yet?

        • Ah, the number of new emoji is more than I thought, in fact Android N has more emojis than iOS now, Facepalm already included. check this out:

          • Pierre David

            Yeah I saw that let me know if you know how to flash them want them to be superior to ios ahah

          • The method is already in this post, we just need to replace the font file which contain emojis, but there are no keyboard could input those new emoji, but you can copy & paste them in this webpage:
            I have tested it on my nexus 5.

          • Pierre David

            Ok thanks it works when I copy paste them on my moto g 2013 on a 6.0.1 rom but i’d like to have them on my keyboard maybe I will need to get an android n keyboard? Or no keyboard yet as I can see you have a nexus 5..oh no nexus 5 does not have n preview i think