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[PC game] Chinese Paladin 5 v 1.03 update, Role Voice, Bun Mode, View Control

[PC game] Chinese Paladin 5 v 1.03 update, Role Voice, Bun Mode, View Control

First, here is the newest game records, now when the story continue after every chapter, all of the major roles has their voices. the voice is recorded from serval famous Chinese dubbing artists, for example, leading man was dubbed by Jiang Guangtao, who have dubbed Sam in movie the “Transformer” , leading woman was dubbed by Ji Guanling, who have dubbed Mikaela in movie “Transformer”, and some other famous movies, like “Avatar”, “2012”, “Terminator 4”, etc. , all the best dubbing artists.

The voice package size is 1.85G, contain over 5 thousand voice files.

I would rather to say the Role Voic update is bringing new life to the Chinese Paladin 5, the game became more impressive than before. The only pity thing is the 3D roles’ face , they looks like a wood, no facial expression, but they do have facial expression at the 2D graphics.

Xiaomi Technology Will Hold a Press Conference in Beijing Tomorrow, Release the Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi Technology Will Hold a Press Conference in Beijing Tomorrow, Release the Xiaomi Phone

China Android new force Xiaomi technology is going to hold a press conference in Beijing tomorrow , on the conference the Xiaomi technology CEO Lei Jun will be officially released Xiaomi android phone , announced the details of this new Chinese own brand Android phone, after many rumors, or will be eventually confirmed.

In the past, the second quarter of 2011 statistics show that shipments of smart phones, Android system continue to consolidate the top market place, be the biggest winner. Chinese Android manufacturers have catched this “large ship”, singing all the way in the mobile communications market.

[Video] Huawei Vision review, 1GHz + Android 2.3 + cloud services

Yesterday’s conference, Huawei not only launched the “cloud” platform, but also released its first mobile phone: Vision. The body thickness of Huawei Vision is only 9.9mm, with a 3.7-inch WVGA touch-screen material, running Android 2.3 operating system and Huawei’s own 3D UI interface the “3D carousel”, powered by Qualcomm MSM 8255 1GHz processor, built-in Adreno 205 GPU and 512MB RAM memory and 2 GB ROM capacity space. Huawei Vision also offers Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS navigation and other functions, and a 1400mAh lithium battery.

Xiaomi phone release date may be delayed to make way for the iPhone 5

July 29 news, Xiaomi mobile phone, which is owned brand phone of the official development company from MIUI, probably will be bounced. According to reliable sources revealed that the majority Xiaomi mobile phone components supplier is the same company with the iPhone’s, in order to make the iPhone 5 to be listed as scheduled, Xiaomi mobile phones is expected to delay the production. as we know, Xiaomi mobile phones and iPhone 5 use the same corresponding parts , Xiaomi mobile phone’s TPK capacitive touch components, AAC audio devices, Amphenol antenna, Qualcomm and other industry leading suppliers, which is the same as iPhone 5 components suppliers.

Better Kindle, Amazon 9 inches Tablet PC struck in October

Amazon will launch a new Tablet PC in October this year. , this new Amazon Tablet PC will be equipped with 9 inches screen, runs the Android operating system. About the design, Amazon outsourced to Asian manufacturers. According to sources the Tablet has no camera. Amazon’s new Tablet PC will allow users to watch video, read books and listen to digital music purchased from Amazon easily.

Chinese Paladin 5 Review (update July 17)

Yesterday I bought Chinese Paladin 5, a Chinese RPG game, I have played for 2 hours and I plan to make a review of this game. Chinese Paladin 5 is the fifth verson of Chinese Paladin series, it is known as the best Chinese RPG because of the touching story and wonderful background music. I will update the post after playing a few more hours.

Maybe you have heard about the name, Chinese Paladin on YouTube, yes, it is from the story of the 3rd version of this RPG game.

Chinese Paladin 5 have sold over 500,000 units from July 7 the sale started, the quantity is amazing, btw, July 7 is the Valentine’s Day of China.

official website in Chinses:

OK, there is not much time for playing PC games, two days gone, I have just finished the prologue, took me 4 hours, seems a long time. The first impression is, a little disappointed. I have played Chinese Paladin 4, if you ask me what is the biggest difference between this two games, I rather say, the version number:)…

leading man: Jiang Yun Fan, his father is the leader of a group of good bandit. true identity: young master of magical gang

The graphics effect is improve, still can’t comparable to abroad popular games, and you can catch some conspicuous bugs, just like the invisible wall, frame skipping, but truly more beautiful than previous version. some people said, the charter have nothing of creative, four leading charter, two male, two female, both female must fall in love with one leading man, one must die, OMG, that is so common in Chinese love stories. but usually, many people will be inspire by those common love stores, nobody can tell the reason.

Do you know how many domain names there are ?

We can find out the number of registreted domains by visiting DomainTools, wow, the result is intresting, there are 326,084,078 deleted .com domains, only 95,743,705 .com domains are active, which is 30% of the deleted ones. “.Net” is not so popular compare to the .com domains. I used to registreing domains on Godaddy, with powerful DNS manager panel and low price.