Xiaomi phone release date may be delayed to make way for the iPhone 5

July 29 news, Xiaomi mobile phone, which is owned brand phone of the official development company from MIUI, probably will be bounced. According to reliable sources revealed that the majority Xiaomi mobile phone components supplier is the same company with the iPhone’s, in order to make the iPhone 5 to be listed as scheduled, Xiaomi mobile phones is expected to delay the production. as we know, Xiaomi mobile phones and iPhone 5 use the same corresponding parts , Xiaomi mobile phone’s TPK capacitive touch components, AAC audio devices, Amphenol antenna, Qualcomm and other industry leading suppliers, which is the same as iPhone 5 components suppliers.

Now paradoxically, iPhone 5 plan to ship at the end of August, early September , Lei Jun had also announced that, Xiaomi mobile phone will be available in mid-August this year. The release time of iPhone 5 and Xiaomi phone will be some overlap, and TPK, Amphenol and other suppliers is bound to first ensure the iPhone 5 shipping needs. Thus, the release time of Xiaomi mobile phone probably will be delayed.

For the previous rumour that the Xiaomi mobile phone will be released on August 16, Xiaomi official company did not give a clear answer so far. It is reported that rumors of Xiaomi mobile phone release on August 16 was heard from the Xiaomi phone forum, the posts is about the anniversary of Beijing party on August 16. August 16, is MIUI the Xiaomi products 1 year anniversary.

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