Xiaomi Technology Will Hold a Press Conference in Beijing Tomorrow, Release the Xiaomi Phone

China Android new force Xiaomi technology is going to hold a press conference in Beijing tomorrow , on the conference the Xiaomi technology CEO Lei Jun will be officially released Xiaomi android phone , announced the details of this new Chinese own brand Android phone, after many rumors, or will be eventually confirmed.

In the past, the second quarter of 2011 statistics show that shipments of smart phones, Android system continue to consolidate the top market place, be the biggest winner. Chinese Android manufacturers have catched this “large ship”, singing all the way in the mobile communications market.

Android’s success is no doubt, helped many Chinese manufacturers to find their ownership, China mobile OPhone, Lenovo LePhone, Meizu M9, OPPO “Find”, Alibaba Ali cloud OS phone, at the same, Xiaomi Technology join the war without advertising and the upcoming release of its first smartphone - Xiaomi phone. from the MIUI to the MI chat , the layout of the 2-year marketing strategy by Xiaomi technology began to emerge: it wants to create their own mobile terminals.

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