[ROM] kuyaDROID v3.1.149 for XPERIA X8 , Full Working 3M Camera, Android 2.3.5, updated on Aug 6

kuyaDROID for XPERIA X8 was updated to v3, as the CyanogenMod 7 was updated to Android 2.3.5 based, now the kuyaDROID based on the newest Android 2.3.5, coming with the Memory leak fix, solve the low memory problem, which was a annoying problem when we have updated the phone system to Android 2.3. the free memory has an increase of 10M-20M after updated the latest Android 2.3.5, so the latest kuyaDROID was recommended to update.

Another big improvement is that the 3M pixel Camera was back to us, before that we can only take VGA resolution pictures, though we don’t have auto focus on XPERIA X8, still a very good news.

Latest CM7 nightly feature (not everything)
LED notification
Power option reboot to xrecovery
FM Radio and Full Camera/ VGA Video
Auto Brightness and new Performance setting
Dual recovery with multiboot option
SD and Ext App2sd
Transparent Statusbar
MDDI, overclock, undervolt, gesture
Multitouch and smartass governor

Download page:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1109563

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