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How to Disable the Skype Home Automatic Appear When Skype Startup

My girl friend use Skype to communicate with the clients at work, but recently the new Skype 5.5 is annoyance her, it is the Skype Home, if she choose the compact view option instead of default view in Skype, the Skype Home screen will always appear when Skype startup, she wants to disable the Skype Home, so she asked me for a working method. I try to find out what is the Skype Home related to, and how to disable this thing, but unfortunately there is no option for let Skype Home disappear manually in Skype Settings, but when I reading the Skype community posts, I just found a method is working, the workaround is modify some Skype application files to avoid the Skype Home autostart. It is safe and not affect other functions.

Follow these step to disable the Skype Home:

1. First you have to uninstall Skype (if it is already installed).

[APK] Evernote for Android 3.1.2, Take Sparks Anytime, Anywhere

[APK] Evernote for Android 3.1.2, Take Sparks Anytime, Anywhere

Do you ever meet this situation: you are at work and some data files or papers you need is left in your computer at home. Do you consider to have a notepad software that you can edit the notes on your mobile device, then after you get home you can continue to edit the notes without use cable to transfer the data on your mobile device to your PC ? the Evernote is all you desire.

Evernote is a web notebook software support most platform Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile. Known as the top free notepad software, Evernote can use web server back up notes, or share notes with others, use your mobile phone anytime, anywhere access and edit your notes, no longer limited by the computer.

Free users need internet connection to use Evernote, it is using as a cloud notepad, while advanced users can use the off-line version, the information is saved in the local device, advanced users can

[APK]New Google Map updated v5.7, Download Map Area Available in Lab function

Google update the Google map for Android again, the latest version is 5.7, it is the third update Google released in the last 4 month, in this 5.7 version, moving, resizing and rotating maps become more smoothly.

Download Map Area is added in the lab function, from now on you can download the map data where you are going to travel before you start the trip. How to download the map area? simply move to the target area, press on the screen, select download map area on the menu, then you can view that area without Internet connection.

Google Map v5.7 Download link:

CrystalTalk for Milestone A853 CM 7 RC11 update on July 7

updated on July 7, compatible with cm-7.1.0-RC11-11.07.06-Milestone, all the features are woking normal, using OR to flash this update zip, no need to clear any data.

It’s from, which is the most popular Android forum in China. Many thanks to the author Fancy.

I think it’s not compatible with the older CM7 Milestone roms.
It is NOT working on CM6.

Download link: