Motorola Xoom (Stingray & Wingray) is Officially Supported by CyanogenMod Team

Motorola Xoom has been official supported by CyanogenMod team, started building the nightly rom on CM server, that means the development of CM9 firmware for Motorola Xoom will be much more faster. Motorola Xoom is the first Android Tablet PC, coming with the Android 3.0, code name Honeycomb, as the sales of Xoom is not very good (the price is really high at the beginning), not so many people are using this “original” Android tablet PC.

Thanks to Motorola that they released the Android 4.0 official firmware for Xoom, and CM9 rom development continued, Motorola Xoom joined CyanogenMod team after such a long period of time.

Official CM9 For the Motorola Xoom (Stingray & Wingray)

Nightly build for Wingray(Wi-Fi only)
Nightly build for Stingray(4G)

Stable build is not available in the present.

Change log of CM9 for Motorola Xoom

Wingray Nightly Changelog (Wifi-Only)
Stingray Nightly Changelog (4G)

via [ROM][NIGHTLY] CyanogenMod 9 (Wingray/Stingray)

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