Let’s Bring the Home Button Animation of Pixel Phone to Nexus on Android 7.1.1

Google announced two Pixel phones on 9 October. These phones are coming up with new navigation bar, as an open source world, we have got the new white button of Pixel navigation bar, but all the mod was lack an interesting things, it is the Home button animation when activating Google Assistant, four dots slide out in each respective direction, and then quickly aligning themselves horizontally.

After analysis the code of SystemUI.apk, I’m succeed in modifying the app to enable the animation. This mod is for Nexus 5X/6P with Android N 7.1.1 DP1, it can give you the full experience of Pixel phone.

Before you download the mod, I’d like to tell you how the animation being actived.

As we know, Google Assistant is one of the features which is unique to the Google Pixel phones, I think you already know how to enable Google Assistant on Nexus phones, and using the Pixel launcher, somehow when you unlock the Google Assistan, you just active the ability to active the Home button animation, actually Google Search App will tell the system to enable the animation every time you boot up the Nexus phone, but the phone just not received the signal, we need to digg in the SystemUI to find the reason.

What is sending the signal of Home button animation:

new-instance v1, Landroid/content/Intent;
const-string v2, "com.google.android.systemui.OPA_ENABLED"
invoke-direct {v1, v2}, Landroid/content/Intent;->(Ljava/lang/String;)V
const-string v2, "OPA_ENABLED"
invoke-virtual {v1, v2, v0}, Landroid/content/Intent;->putExtra(Ljava/lang/String;Z)Landroid/content/Intent;
invoke-virtual {p1, v1}, Landroid/content/Context;->sendBroadcast(Landroid/content/Intent;)V

OPA_ENABLED is the key, as you may remember how to enable Google Assistan, there is also an opa in the line. I Compared the Nexus’s SystemUI file with Pixel’s, Nexus’s SystemUI are lack of the animation resources and functions. One good thing is, the function’s code is separate with main functions. First, import everything related to Pixel’s style resources, this is an easy job. The hard part is the control function. I have found an BroadcastReceiver to receive the animation signal and trun it on, but it’s write in AndroidManifest but I can’t change it, as that will make the system boot failure. I need to find other solution.

Finally, I made it, tracking the animation logic, I have found the key code to change the original function, force the program to think have received it signal and enabled the Opa animation.

Here is the Guide for who was interesting in how to port Pixel animation.

Nav bar animation Pixel

Let’s play the screen record video.

How to apply the mod:

This mod is only for Nexus 5X/6P running stock Android 7.1.1 DP1. DO NOT try on other roms especially 7.1 / 7.0 custom roms. And DO Make a Backup first.

To apply the mod, download the flashable package, flash it in TWRP recovery(if you don’t know what is TWRP, don’t do anything further, you may mess your phone, search for “how to unlock Nexus” to understand the risks.). ( Backup is very important! )

If it doesn’t work, you can try apply it manually.
1. Download the flashable package, extract the SystemUI.apk in the package, use any root file manager to put it to /System/priv-app/SystemUI/ directory, set its permission to rw-r-r.
2. It’s normal if a FC warning popup, just reboot the phone.

Update 11/13
Clean the Mod, add flashable package, and Nexus 6P version.

If you get FC when tap on the home button, try reset the syste UI tuner settings.

Download link:
(I repeat again before you click the link, if you don’t know what is TWRP recovery, don’t do anything further, you may mess your phone, search for “how to unlock Nexus” to understand the risks.).
Nexus 5X:
Pixel Home Button Animation Mod for Nexus 5X (Flashable zip)
If google drive overload, try Mega mirror | AFH mirror

Nexus 6P: PS. As I did not own this device, it’s not been tested, tell me if something goes wrong, make backup first! Confirm working
Pixel Home Button Animation Mod for Nexus 6P (Flashable zip)
If google drive overload, try Mega mirror | AFH mirror

Back to stock flashable zip download:
Discussion on XDA-Dev forum
N5X Thread
N6P Thread

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  • Mohamed Clio

    Will it work on Nexus 5 running 7.1 nougat with pixel launcher and Google assistant?

  • Signspace13

    I’m having a problem where, whenever I press the pixel home button it crashes the systemui, and when I try to flash the back to stock.zip the system ui crashes on launch.

    • This is for developer preview 1, I suppose you is using the final version, you can find new mod for that in this month’s post. you need to restore backup or flash the system.

      • Signspace13

        I just flashed the Pure Nexus Rom, it works great, though it was my first time flashing a ROM and the keyboard was disabled by default >.< twas terrifying.

      • A1985K

        I got the same issues! How to back to stock now?

        • What is your system version? you must use the right mod to apply, my Pixel mod contain this nav bar home button animation, check the latest post.

  • Chandra Shekhar Singh

    can you make mod to enable night light for 7.1, i’ve found some mods on xda but they also include some other mods i don’t need. i cannot find any mod just for night light.

  • Harshang Chhaya

    I m from India and 6p user
    Nov security patch can’t download
    Any one plz tell me

  • Shyam agarwal

    The systemui.apk file is not working on my Nexus 6p. It says the file seems to be corrupt

    • Shyam agarwal

      It says the package appears to be corrupt

      • It is for TWRP recovery, not for stock recovery.

        • Shyam Agarwal

          How do I change the permission of the file

          • Charles

            In root explorer, long press on the file, top right three dot menu, choose permission.

    • Harshang Chhaya

      Me 2

  • Darth Vader

    Anyway to enable round icons on 5X with Pixel launcher? I’ve tried the Pixel Launcher Icons apk on apkmirror but it only changes a few of the supported icons..

    • You need the mod of framework-res.apk, not this one.

  • Akiedis

    Is necessary have the device rooted to install twrp?

    • Akiedis

      If i install twrp I still receive the OTA updates?

      • If you install twrp, you could always install Full ota package by twrp, no need to wait for the ota.

        • Akiedis

          Is way more easy wait the ota, at least for me. So if i install twrp i Will receive the ota? thanks

          • You will still receive, but can’t install, as those small ota need stock recovery to install. only the full ota package can install via twrp, or if you rooted, you can use flashfire instead.

          • Akiedis

            Thanks, and if i do a back up as i have it now (stock), then install twrp and root, and put the stock rom again i lose the twrp and root?

          • Right, you can use nexusrootkit to do the job (make backup by a temporary twrp, install twrp, root, restore backup, etc. ),
            You need a unlocked bootloader, which will wipe all data on your phone.

            I suggest you to read base things about unlock, root and twrp, make sure not to lose your data, use the link in the post to go to XDA, many resources and useful information.

      • Harshang Chhaya


    • yes.

    • Need twrp, you can find a way side load it, no need to root.

  • Marcus

    Will it work on Android 7.0

  • Eidoss

    Thanks man!

  • pbvider

    Will it work with the november version of the DP 7.1?I believe that it will work..what do u say OP?If not I really hope u will make a version for the final 7.1 version in december.Thx a lot for u hard work!

    • DP2 is at the corner I think.

  • Chandra Shekhar Singh

    Thank you for your hard work man, seriously
    (I love this website, everything i want in one place)

    • You are welcome.

    • Thanks, and I saw the logcat you just post, you are on stock 7.0, this mod is not build for it.

  • can you share original system-ui apk ? which u made backup of ? in case if i wanna go back to default one

    • Root explorer to back up the systemUI.apk and /oat directory in the /SystemUI directory.

      Flash your current system Full OTA Package without wiping data can do the same.

      Or a TWRP recovery backup.

      I will upload a back to stock flashable zip later.

      • Dude

        Back to stock for nexus 5X is broken. SystemUI crash on the password screen at boot. I think you used the one for 6P instead of 5X which causes the crash.

        • Will check the file later. Thanks for your report.

        • File link updated, extract from ota package for sure.

  • Alex Harvey

    If this works on Nexus 6 that would be fantastic for me. Right now battery to low for flashing and red lashing until I go home

    • What is your current rom? you can post your SystemUI.apk, I can test it when I get a free time.

  • Chandra Shekhar Singh

    is the navbar changed by substratum, if not then how to get the pixel navbar. i’m on nexus 5x

    • Not a theme, I insert the code of Pixel’s systemui to Nexus, modify it to make it work.

  • Pequeno Padawan

    hey man!! thanks a lot!! It worked like a charm in my Nexus 5X running Pixel ROM!!! 😀

    • What is pixel rom base of? Stock 7.1.1 Dp1?

      • Pequeno Padawan

        yes man!