Will Motorola unlock the Bootloader on older devices?

Fews days ago, A message which named “Motorola Atrix 4G Bootloader Has Been Unlocked” has been spread over the android websites, many people was doubted about the pictures, but that is true, Moto may begin to realize their promise, which is they will unlock the bootloader on their phones this year.

Even I am not a Atrix 4G user, I still so happy to see the ugly bootloader be unlock. There is the picture taken with an Atrix 4G shows “device is now unlocked”.

unlock the bootloader

Many Moto users, like me who is owned a locked android phone, is waiting for Moto to open the gate to custom roms. some Milestone users points out Moto product good hardware, but theirs sucks, I agree with them. With unlocked bootloader, we can flash custom kernel, fix the Moto kernel bugs, and put some nice features in our Milestone. Maybe there is still have some hopes, let’s working on the software update instead of you, Moto.

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