How to active and control the touch-to-focus mode on the CyanogenMod 7.1 (update)

We all know about the camera touch-to-focus feature brought by CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) new update, maybe you have not try taking a photo under touch-to-focus mode, here is the instruction. First, open the native camera application, touch the setting icon, in the focus mode, select the new option “touch”, now you have active the touch-to-focus mode, the camera will be control by your finger.

To have a test, put some objects e.g. cups or flowers on the table, be sure thers is enough distance between those objects for the camera can only focus on one object in one time focusing, then three click on one object, you can see the green square show on the screen where you have touched, now try click the another objects, you can see the focus moved to that object, it is cool, isn’t it?

I have taken some photo using touch-focus mode, it is wonderful, maybe I will share you some pictures tanken by my Milestone A853.

I have aware a bug when using touch-to-focus, the camera will zoom in and can not zoom out by press the volume button, only exit and restart the camera can fix this. It is safe focus this way: press on the screen 1 second, then release the finger and press again immediately.

Update on July 15
Correction: there is no bug with touch-to-focus, it’s the disfix module bug, after I removed the dsifix module, the touch-to-focus is working fine, only need one time touch, make me much more happier, maybe the dsifix module have something affected the touch sensitive, dsifix is a kernel fix module for recover the DSI error, this awful bug was made by Moto developers, may cause the screen freezing or make the Milestone A853 reboot.

Update on July 21
now you can use the new DSI fix module (dsifix v2.1), that is a new DSI fix solution that not relate the suspend program, so there is no more suspend issue now. Also the bug with touch-to-focus has gone.

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