[ROM]Official milestone xt720 Froyo upgrade but not from moto

Warning: I don’t have a Milestone XT720, so I havn’t try it by myself.

This is an official milestone xt720 Android 2.2 upgrade, but it is not from Moto, Shame on you Moto, made the bootloader, don’t let the old phone upgrade without your software support, people would like to upgrade by themself doesn’t care about that maybe they will brick the phone, we are waiting for the day that the f**king bootloader be cracked.

Alright, let’s see the upgrade deatils: http://cincinnatibell.com/milestoneupgrade/

This upgrade is certified by Cincinnati Bell and is not a Motorola OEM certified upgrade. It is only authorized for Cincinnati Bell customers. All warranty exchanges will need to be completed through Cincinnati Bell and not through the manufacturer, Motorola. The device received in a warranty exchange will not have Android 2.2 upgrade and will require you to complete another software update. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not attempt.

To ensure you have the ideal experience, please review the following before you upgrade your phone:
•Watch the step-by-step video, in its entrity. Make sure you are comfortable with each step.
•View each step of the printer-friendly version. Make sure you are comfortable with each step.
•Download the necessary files for the updgrade.
•Be sure to open the file named “README.txt”. It contains the Customer Name and Key that you’ll asked to enter during the upgrade.
•Save the files somewhere on your computer that you can easily locate them. The files totoal approx. 324MB, so make sure you have enough available space.

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