[APK]Can not find some applications on the Android Market? Try using the MarketEnabler

Have you ever met this situation, you saw someone is using a Android application, but you Can not find anything about it on the Android Market? and you are sure of the application is available on the Android Market. For example, the payment application can not be found in China, include the Google map, Skype, sometimes even the Gmail. Why? that is because Android Market provide different Android applications in different mobile network providers, but you can use the MarketEnabler to make the system faking serval providers, then you can download the ‘Hidden’ Android application on the Android Market, and you don’t have to travel from China to USA.

MarketEnabler is a SIM tool application to change the SIM issuer code in the running system, it is not permanent, it will be original after the phone reboot or turn on flight mode. To use MarketEnalber, You have to get the system rooted, and installed the su app and the busybox.

Download MarketEnabler

MarketEnabler is easy to use, for example, you want to change to the “[us] T-Mobile code”, just open the Settings list, press on the “T-Mobile” option, select “fake this provider now”, after the process finished, now connect to network and open the Android Market, try to find the application you want again, it should show on the search result now. The effect will last until you reboot the phone or turn on flight mode.

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