Google Maps for Android updated to 5.9, Bubble button, notification for Transit Navigation

Google Maps app for Android updated to 5.9.0, the “Transit Navigation” function has continue to be improved, Google Maps 5.9.0 also added a new Labs feature. You will find out that in the new version:

Humanity improvement, the ringtone and voice notification for the Transit Navigation. (test)
Good for the Tablet users, now Transit Navigation feature support the Android Tablet PC. (test)
You get an “Bubble button” if you enabled this new lab feature, then you can see new call and navigation buttons in the results on the map search result.

Transit Navigation of the new features is much useful, so you will not miss the train or bus station when you are taking a traffic tool, the “Bubble button” new experimental feature is worth to try. Google also improved the date traffic of the Map service server, the map showing on much faster than before.

You can search for downloads to the Android Market, or you can scan the following QR code to download.

Google Maps
Requires Android: 1.6 and up
Size: 6.9M
Price: Free

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