Xiaomi Phone Released, 1.5 gHz Qualcomm Dual Code CPU, 1G Ram, Official MIUI, Only $310

Xiaomi phone release conference has been held in Beijing China today,Lei Jun, the Xiaomi CEO, expressed the hardware and software detials of this new Chinese own brand Android phone, Xiaomi phone equip Qualcomm 1.5gHz Dual Code CPU, Adreno 220 graphic chip, 1G ram, 1930 mAh battery, 4 inch Sharp screen with qHD 854×480 resolution, 800 M pixel F2.4 AF camera with digital image stabilization support, running the famous MIUI custom Android OS, the Android system version is 2.3.5, will release update in each month, sell price on only 1999 RMB, equal $310! and the Xiaomi phone is produce by Motorola manufacture factory, the quality is assuranced. the Xiaomi fans can buy the engineer anniversary version, only 1699 RMB. equal $261.

Something special on this Xiaomi phone: support Dual Android OS, one is MIUI , the other is Original Android OS, no bootloader be locked, with the 1930 mAh battery, Xiaomi phone can standby 450 hours with network connected , call time 15 hours, 45 hours music playback, 6 hours of large game playing. Xiaomi phone use the graphite thermal film material, can effectively solve the heat problem on High Android smartphones. Xiaomi phone will be sell by online store the VANCL , not be sell in local stores.

MIUI has 500,000 fans in the world, 11 countries have Xiaomi fans Website.

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