How to Remove Phone Numbers from Blacklist in CyanogenMod

A strange thing happened three days before, I can’t call my girlfriend with the short phone number (a service that calling each people who set in a group for free with month payment in China), the phone just one beep then hang up, but I can call her with the original phone number. I have try restart both her and my phone, make sure there is full network signal, but still no luck, everybody can call her except me. This morning I sit down and thinking about the reason, suddenly I get an idea, it is the blacklist phone call.

How to remove phone numbers from phone call blacklist? where is the blacklist in CyanogenMod? it is here: back to Home, press Menu, touch Settings, touch Call Settings, touch Blacklist, then you can see the phone numbers which have been blacklisted, long touch the phone number which you want to unblacklist, now you can remove it from blacklist.

This is for Android phone users who have installed CyanogenMod. you make ask why the phone number was blacklisted without people noticed, I rather to say it is so easy to blacklist a phone number in CyanogenMod, you just need to long press the hang up button when making a call with someone, a window will jump up to ask you whether add this number in blacklist, the thing is the “OK” button is too close to the hang up button, and many people could press “OK” button by mistake even he doesn’t notice, so next time you should hang up calls carefully.

Next time before you are yelling Why I can’t call my girlfriend or wife, check out if she blacklist you by mistake. It is not her fault.

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  • kofi Opare

    Hi. I accidentally black listed my girlfriend’s number and now her calls are coming through. Please how can remove the number from the black list?

  • Heroy

    Hi everyone.

    I have a same trouble just now (until 4days ago).
    and I removed theses number.
    but they can’t call to my device. 🙁
    does anyone know of a way to solve this issue…??
    # my device use cyanogenmod

  • venky

    thanks very much, just now accidently blacklisted my dad numbr the same way u mentioned in article, google brought me here, followed ur steps….thatnk u

    Using cynogenmod 7.1

  • Hari

    Your post helped me figure out why the dialer would sometimes offer to add the caller to blacklist. My wife was really irritated with this prompt appearing seemingly randomly, and I could never reproduce it. I put umpteen hours on solving this issue doing google searches and trying 3rd party dialers. I finally did one more search since I figured she accidentally added my number to her blacklist and found your post. I just told her what causes the blacklist prompt to appear and hopefully she can adjust her usage to avoid it in the future. Thanks a lot!

  • steve

    thanks dude this solve my week long problem thank you thank you thank you.

  • Megasorongo

    I added accidentally my wife to the blacklist. Leave as it is.