How to Unlock the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 Bootloader

XPERIA X8 bootloader finally unlocked by developers, what a great news! it means we can apply any features to X8 which was blocked by the old official kernel(version 2.6.29) before, we don’t need hard code work to add some good features, such as Swap, Dual Touch, Overclock etc. There are several custom kernels and nice roms will be released soon, such as HTC sense rom for X8, full working Gingerbread rom, Android kernel 2.6.35 or even 2.6.37, all this things can run on XPERIA X8, also the future Android version like Android 2.4, anything is possible from now on.

Someone even said we can flash the Windows Phone 7 system, he must be joking hehe, but everybody know that one HTC phone can run both Windows Phone 7 and Android, hard to say. Sadly, we can’t apply real dual touch for synaptic touch screen, but we still believe miracle.

Before you take the guide of how to unlock XPERIA X8 bootloader, you should understood you maybe brick your phone if you don’t follow each step in the guide, hard-brick means YOUR PHONE CAN NOT BE FIX EXCEPT SEND IT BACK TO SONY ERICSSON, so try it carefully.

Also I recommend common users wait for the one big button tool, as the operations is a little complex.

OK, see the post How to unlock and relock the XPERIA X8 Bootloader

Again, wait for One Big button tool.

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