Xiaomi Phone will Available in a Few Days, Mass Production Started

Xiaomi phone was released in August, then began to receive extensive book, also launched a commemorative project with the engineer phones, to collect a lot of feedback, and resolve them one by one in the past months, to make Xiaomi phone stable and fully improved.

Lei Jun, CEO of the Xiaomi technology explains, “high level smart phone is a complicated systematic project,” “the production is very complicated,” more than 800 components related to more than 100 suppliers, and many are set products, advanced order required each components, Customs import, quality inspection, on-line assembly, production line commissioning, the yield and the Proficiency of workers, all these needed time to improve.

It was announced that production plans of Xiaomi phone is in October, and now, everything is OK. As to the specific distribution in the market, how to buy, Lei Jun said that he will let us know in a few days, be patient.

xiaomi phone production

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