[Rom] CyanogenMod 10 for Motorola Milestone A853, How to Install and Quick Review

At the beginning of August, Skrilax_CZ has set up a build server to maintain the CyanogenMod 10 for Motorola Milestone nightly builds, no doubt the author of this unofficial CyanogenMod 10 rom is nadlabak, who builds CM7 and CM9 for Milestone. Since the source code of Android Jelly Beam is released, he has done a lot of coding jobs to make CyanogenMod 10 (Android Jelly Beam based) running on Moto Milestone A853, many thanks to him.

* How to install CyanogenMod 10 for Motorola Milestone A853 (for the guys who already playing with CM customize roms)
1. Download CM10 for Milestone nightly rom update package and the google apps for Android Jelly Beam package. (download link will be attached at the end of this post)
2. Reboot the phone to Open Recovery, wipe data, wipe cache and davilk cache.
3. Apply update, Install the CyanogenMod 10 rom then install the gapps.
4. Reboot system. First boot may take more than 5 minutes. (boot animation still CM9)

The first running of CM10 system on Milestone A853 will be very very slow, that is because every applications use the hardware accelerator, eaten up all RAM. Just be patients, after setting up your google account, the first thing you are going to do is disabled the apps using hardware accelerator, in the app drawer, you can see an icon of silver Gear, open it, then disable all apps’ hardware accelerator permissions, then reboot the phone, you will find out the system is running much smoother than before.

CyanogenMod 10 for Motorola Milestone A853 RAM usage screenshot
CM10 Milestone RAM usage

CyanogenMod 10 for Motorola Milestone A853 battery usage screenshot

Download CM10 for Milestone nightly builds

Download gapps for CM10 Milestone A853: gapps-jb-20120726-minimal.zip (source from XDA thread )

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  • Tang

    I installed the CM10-10-20130404, but it just stuck at the android screen, just hanging there. I have to remove the battery and reinstall the stock rom.

  • M.Rahman

    Since January , I have tried almost 3 to 4 updated roms , but not a single rom is witout bug.
    serios problem is happening with ststem telepony and asking for reboot frequently.
    frequent error is showing process, com.android.phone is stopped, when clicking OK, system gets hanged or signal loss. its gets rectifified only after removing battery and shutdown properly. applications are getting crashed frequently. please help.

  • jml

    in this page you can find a cm-9 working rom

  • M.Rahman

    Every day new ROM is geeting updated, unfortunatly most of them ase useless and not booting after upgrade/sometime installation abroated/sometimes file missing/sometimes g-app itself not installing. Can someone let us know if any stable version on Nightly build avaliable with correct g-apps. I tried downloading mostly all recent and some old version. Only 14082012 is working as of now..
    Thanks in advance..
    Please stop daily ROM updtation which are confusing…

    • Eem

      have any new nightly builds without bugs ?

  • Eem

    cm-10-20121104 Nightly ..Stuck on android logo and before i download the rom i install the 2ndBootOR.
    need help..

  • M.Rahman

    cm-10-20121102-NIGHTLY-umts_sholes doesn’t boot stuck on android logo… need help..

  • jml

    cm-10-20121024-NIGHTLY-umts_sholes doesn’t boot stuck on android logo

  • shrinigeek

    I tried installing i am getting everytime i reboot my phone, andriod.com phone stopped responding. report or ok.

    Also i am not able to find the IMEI no in About phone options.

  • jml


    status 7
    instalation aborted

    • alphaGeek

      yeah… i got the same… tried downloading 2-3 times… everytime the same result.

      • Gump

        me too

        • peteopablo

          Go in the cm10 package and delete in /system/app/ not required apk’s
          like :

          By the way you can delete in /system/media some ringtones or notifications
          copy the new package run the install
          It will run

          • jml

            cm-10-20120823 boot ok. but cm-10-20120914 have the same problem status 7 installation aborted ,deleting even apk’s from /system/app/

            thanks in advance for your help

  • alphaGeek

    the server is down πŸ™ .

    If anyone already downloaded it… can you pls update us… Hows the new build… Is it good enuf for everyday use ??

  • Betao.Jr

    cm-10-20120910 no Boot

  • zapax

    Google play not working.

  • peteopablo

    Nice how to thx
    CM 10 runs very good in my oppinion better then CM9.
    After disable the hardware accelerator it runs much smoother, but the GApps dont run. I wiped all cache, do a lot of reboots, have also frequently repeated the update.
    So what next time i will try it again.

  • the version of 0823 is broken on my device

    On start they configure all applications so, the configuration wizard stop work, and all stop work, dont open configuration menu, dont show de buttons on botton, dont change the desktop screen..

    • The problem is on space of my Milestone, the disk was fully. I Trying use the Ext partition on sdcard but don’t work properly.

      If anyone have ideias I try… Tks Folks

  • Mopr

    Looks like I just got a new weekend project!

  • scoutme

    keep in mind these are nightly builds of code the author hasn’t released yet. The only stable Cyanogenmod version for Milestone is CM7 from the same author (kabaldan/nadlabak). Do not blame him for something he didn’t release πŸ˜‰

    Keep looking these repository for development status: https://github.com/nadlabak

  • Renato

    – Applies gapps, but does not appear applications (play)

    • scoutme

      Did you wipe both caches?
      If so, you should reboot twice to let the boot sequence fix permissions and “optimize” apps. Consider using an ext partition for applications, too: we have very little space…

  • Renato

    Perfect. Only video recording that is not working.

  • Tang

    The CM-10-20120822 has error
    The CM-10-20120823 is suck! Can’t make any phone call.

    • juan

      i cant make any phone calls to..

  • Betao.Jr

    cm-10-20120814 ok…… but it did not work cm-10-20120822

  • Tang

    WiFi not working. It detected wifi signal but couldn’t be connected.

    • Tang

      After several uninstall & reinstall coupled with booting & reboot again & again, the wifi came to work! It’s amazing!
      However I found that the handwriting input is not working, I cannot even check the box in language & input setting!!!

  • ganesh

    touch screen keyboard not working