Motorola Defy+ ME525+ will be release in the near future

Some time ago it was reported that the O2 will soon release an upgrade mobile phones to Motorola Defy MB525, the Defy+ (ME525+). A few days ago, we found the information of Defy+ (ME525+) was list on the Board of the wireless devices examination of China, which means that under normal circumstances, this phone should be release in the near future in China.


Android 2.4 System will be Long-term Use, without being Quickly Replaced by System Upgrade

It is reported that, Google has guarantee that the Android 2.4 system will be long-term use, without being quickly replaced by system upgrade. The Nexus series phone will probably still be Samsung OEM, and may be named “Nexus Prime”. Informed sources also revealed that “Nexus Prime” will exceed the hardware specifications of any other mobile phones.


The first Google Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich equipment will be released in October

The latest news from BGR shows Google’s Android 2.4 the Ice Cream Sandwich Android device development has entered the end, the major equipment manufacturers are already preparing to release products around October-related, which is the Apple iPhone 5 release time,


HTCDev Site Online , Waiting for unlocking HTC Bootloader

HTC have released an amazing developer site, as HTC said before, they will create a online tool for unlocking bootloader on HTC phones.

In the modem times , frequent moves in the major companies to prevent or discourage the user to escape , HTC has recently exposed they will provide users with a online unlock tool, HTC made ​​a bold attempt


YouTube Android Update: Edit Previously Uploaded Movies and Create Playlists

YouTube Android users, it is time to visite the Android Market and update your lovely YouTube. With the new verson you are going to install, you can now edit titles, descriptions and privacy of your previously uploaded videos. You can also create and edit playlists as well as enjoy a new UI for recently recorded videos that need publishing.


Score a Motoroal Photon 4G in Motorola “Lightening Hour”

Motorola has launched a new contest called the “Lightning Hour” that will run from today through the end of August and reward lucky readers with prizes like the Photon 4G. Each day via their Facebook and Twitter accounts a “Lightening Hour” will be announced along with instructions for a task to be completed within that time frame. Once you see the tweet or wall post for each day’s hour, you will have limited time to jump on it, so be quick! Today for example, all you have to do is head to their Facebook page, watch a video, and then enter in your info.
32 winners will score a the Photon 4G, will you be one of this people? Good luck.
If you miss today’s chance just check back tomorrow for another chance.


Motorola ATRIX 4G MB860 will be Getting CyanogenMod 7

We all know about that the Motorola ATRIX 4G (AT&T version) bootloader have been unlocked by Motorola on June, after two months, the first third party rom for ATRIX 4G was released, it is a pre-beta rom based on CyanogenMod 7. Some features will work and some won’t, it is a begging, if you can’t wait for the official rom release and want to give it a try, here is the Nandroid backup download page at ModMyMobile.


[APK]Can not find some applications on the Android Market? Try using the MarketEnabler

Have you ever met this situation, you saw someone is using a Android application, but you Can not find anything about it on the Android Market? and you are sure of the application is available on the Android Market. For example, the payment application can not be found in China, include the Google map, Skype, sometimes even the Gmail. Why? that is because Android Market provide different Android applications in different mobile network providers, but you can use the MarketEnabler to make the system faking serval providers, then you can download the ‘Hidden’ Android application on the Android Market, and you don’t have to travel from China to USA.


CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC13 update on Auguest 6, some fixes, improve Crystal Talk

Just found out CM 7 for Milestone A853 RC13 was updated some hours ago, Nadlabak have done some fixes and merge CM official upstream, I was wondering why there is a comments “enable Crystal Talk for Milestone”, is it not be actived before?

here is the Download link:

Update: the file have been updated at 17:41:56 (UTC +8:00), if you have downloaded before that, you should download it again. quick fix of color picker.


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