How to Disabled 5 Points Touch on CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853

CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC 12 has 5 points touch feature, well it sounds great, we could cut five fruits at the same time in Fruit Ninja, but after some hours with 5 points touch, some side effect just appeared, some games, for example, Fruit Ninja, it runs very slow after the game began a few minutes. It can be confirmed that the game runs normally if you remove the 5 points touch module. Another side effect is lag scrolling, So I think the 5 points touch module needs some work to improve.

Here is the way to disable the 5 points touch module:
1. Use R.E. explorer, open the module folder “/system/lib/modules/”, find the file named “qtouch_num.ko”, rename it to “qtouch_num.ko.1”, or just delete it.
2. Restart the phone, done.

I think that is one reason why the RC 12 did not update in the threadfirst post in XDA forum, maybe it is not ready , Any way, thanks to Nadlabak’s hard work.

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