How to make CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 Lighter and Faster

You think your CM7 is fast enough? Here is the way to make CyanogenMod 7 smaller and faster.

I tweak the original CyanogenMod 7(CM7) for Milestone A853 by deleting some application and services which is unnecessary for me, so if the application on the list that you are using it, just keep it in your system, To keep the system stable, I have tested the method, nothing is harmed, so you can use my optimization method safety.

There is lots of additional application in CyanogenMod 7 taken the Milestone A853 native rom storage, some of them even try to run in the background after the phone boot, eating more and more memory. If you are not a developer and take the Milestone for common use, just follow my suggestion and boost your phone.

Apps can be removed safety in folder “/system/app/”, the tools you need is R.E. explorer.

1. Additional tools
AudioEffect.apk — The motorola native audio manager, I feel it just make the sound worse, delete it.
Bluetooth.apk — Delete this thing, it always try to run in the background, the bluetooth still working without this app. Use bluetooth file transfer instead, bluetooth on Android is a nightmare before I use bluetooth file transfer.
DSPManager.apk — This is much better than the Audio Effect, if you don’t serious with the music, you can delete it.
Email.apk — we have Gmail.
Mynet.apk — people who does not use the 3G/WIFI share point, delete it for save the memory.
PersonalPortal.apk — Another motorola native media transfer manager, but swiftp is much more useful.
Protips.apk — Widgets, the Android robot.
QuickOffice.apk — I don’t use office on my phone.
SoundRecorder.apk — There is a bug with Sound Recorder after install the crystal talk patch, it active the noise reduced when it is recording sound, turns out the volume is too low to hear.
Toggle2G.apk — If you don’t use 3G network, delete it.
VoiceDialer.apk — It is running as service all the time, just delete if you don’t use it.

2. Themes and Wallpapers
Androidian.apk — The androidian theme file.
Cyanbread.apk — The Cyanbread theme file.
ThemeChooser.apk — If you don’t use third party theme, then it is unnecessary.
ThemeManager.apk — same as ThemeChooser.apk.

CMWallpapers.apk — CM build-in wallpapers.
LiveWallpapers.apk, LiveWallpapersPicker.apk, MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk, VisualizationWallpapers.apk — I think the live wallpaper just eating up the battery, delete those live wallpapers applications to save some space.

3. Developer tools
Development.apk — don’t use it if you don’t know how it works.
SpareParts.apk — view the hidden information in the phone, I am feeling the system much smooth after I deleted this app.

4. Accessory
PicoTts.apk, TtsService.apk — if you don’t use the text to sound and soud to text features, like voice input, speak out the SMS, you should delete this two applications.

The file size of the original CyanogenMod 7(CM7) for Milestone A853 update package is close to 100MB, after deleting all this thing above, the file size is reduced by 20MB. The free memory is up to 70+ MB when the phone start up. everything runs much more smooth.

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