[ROM]kuyaDROID v2.5.116 update, Gingerbread for X8

kuyaDROID was updated to v2.5.116 on july 2, a Gingerbread rom sony ericsson x8, based on CM7, I have update the phone and test it for two days, phone be much more reliable, and good news is data connection bug which is mentioned in the froyo and gingerbread for xperia x8 comparison, is gone now, always be a EDGE connection.

Light sensor is activated for automatic backlights. And more performance futures added to CM settings, like overclock, but I don’t use it, because the Qualcomm MSM7227’s performance seems not get higher as the frequency increased, and the frequency can’t get too much high or the CPU might be damaged.

update links: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1109563

if you have update your sony ericsson x8 with this rom, and the phone screen does not turn off when you are making a phone call, just rename the file sensor.default.so.1 to sensor.default.so in system/lib/hw and reboot, that will fix it.

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