How to Install CyanogenMod 7 on Milestone A853

If you are tired of using the official firmware on Milestone A853, and you want to try the best Android version on Milestone, here is a guide for How to Install Cyanogenmod 7 on Milestone A853, It is easy to flash as the new kernel is include in the update package, no need to use the RSD tool. remember to backup your important data before you install the Cyanogenmod 7, because this installation will delete all users data.

Important! your Milestone A853 must be *Rooted* before you start this installation.

What is this rooted thing?
Most smartphone stock rom is locked to avoid third party application modify the system, or the system will failed to startup by doing something wrong with the system files. get the Phone Rooted means destroy the Shield and get the highest permission to modify the stock system.

How to root Milestone A853?
There is a bug in the official 2.01 Recovery, we used to use it to run third party Recovery, and make the phone be rooted, but this bug was fixed after update to the official 2.1/official 2.2 firmware, in order to run the third party Recovery such as OpenRecovery, we need to patch the new Recovery, the patch called the Vulnerable recovery, the download and guide page is here : thanks Nadlabak, it work for any known firmware version, then use the OpenRecovery to root the phone or install any custom rom.

Step 1 , let’s download some necessary files.
Openrecovery is a modified version for some advanced features of the original native Recovery, it will install on the SD card. I recommend the Androidiani OpenRecovery.
Androidiani OpenRecovery 3.3:
Information about Androidiani OpenRecovery:
Download Androidiani OpenRecovery:

2. Nadlabak’s Cyanogenmod 7.1 for Milestone A853
Download the latest CyanogenMod for Milestone A853:

3.BPSW update for official 2.1
If you are using the offical Android 2.1 system, you need this after update to CM7. This file update the baseband processor software.

Step 2. OK, now you got all files, connect your phone through USB cable and visit the SD card storage, unzip the Openrecovery package, copy the folder “Openrecovery” and the file “” to the SD card root. Delete any exist folder “Openrecovery” or file “” before you copy the new one.

Then copy the Cyanogenmod 7.1 for Milestone A853 update zip file to the SD card folder “Openrecovery/updates/”, PS. Do not unzip the package.

Copy the BPSW update zip file to the SD card folder “Openrecovery/updates/”, PS. Do not unzip the package.

Step 3.Before start the update process, your Milestone A853 battery should above 60%, because in the OpenRecovery mode, the phone is under full speed working and the battery could last only 2 or 3 hours, and you can’t charge the battery. So charge your phone if the battery is lower than 60%.

Now double check all the files is put in the right place, the OpenRecovery, CM7 update zip file, BPSW update file. disconnect the phone, restart the phone, hold the hardware keyboard key “X” while the phone is booting on, when you see a Triangle with exclamation mark, release the “X” key, hold the “volume up” key and press the camera key, you should see the Recovery menu with four options, press the volume key to move up and down. Move the high light option to the ” Apply sdcard”, then press center navigation key on the hardware keyboard to select the option. The phone will launch the OpenRecovery.

After the OpenRecovery loaded successful, there is many options list on the screen. the operate key is the same as before, press “volume down” to select and enter “Apply update” option, you should see the two update files list on the screen, first , select the “update-cm-7.1.0-**-**.**.**” file to install Cyanogenmod 7, the process will take over 2 or 3 minutes, don’t be so nervous, the system will return to update package list after finish the install process.

If you are update from the official 2.1 version, then select and install the “”, that easy right?

Do not reboot the system, now is the last one important step, you should back to the up level menu, use “Wipe Cache / Factory reset” to wipe your old data (not only wipe cache, but with Wipe Factory Data), if you forget about this step, your phone will struck on the white Moto logo.

OK, now choose “Reboot system” to reboot the phone, you should see the Cyanogenmod 7 bootanimation, congratulations.

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