Xiaomi Phone Engineering Prototype, Sharp Transflective Display LCD Test

Here comes the the performance of the Xiaomi phone screen in the sunshine, everyone knows that is major ability of mobile phones. As we have to run around outside everyday, the phone’s screen outdoor visibility is a very important thing. Strong sunlight, especially if you have to increase the backlight brightness to see something, then it will speed up the power consumption, mobile phone battery life is a big problem in the outdoors . Xiaomi phone use the Sharp transflective display LCD, Do you want to know how Xiaomi phone screen looks in the sunshine, what kind of performance? Let us see the pictures together.

This picture is the screen backlight set to minimum, then take a picture in the sunshine! without backlight, Xiaomi phone equipped with the Sharp transflective display LCD, its screen is still clear in the sunshine, we can read the screen effortlessly! in this way, people who use Xiaomi phone don’t have to adjust the backlight brightness to a high level to read the screen, that will actually help for the battery life.

What happen if we increase the screen brightness to the highest level? Of course the screen is more clearly ! the screen colors is more saturated under sun light. Of course that will speed up the power consumption, the screen can be seen clearly, you don’t have to increase the brightness unless you really want to read a lot of pictures or text, high brightness really such a waste of battery.

Then we compared Xiaomi phone with the Samsung i9000, i9000 equipped with Super AMOLED screen, both ahead of the pack with the color and contrast, and visibility in the sun light is one of the best. i9100 equipped with a more intensive Super AMOLED plus screen, let us take the i9100 and Xiaomi phone to compare its screens. First we setting the phone in brightest backlight status, both of two phones have a perfect screen readability, that is very good.

There is a feature of Sharp trans-reflective display LCD, backlight off, in the bright environment, the viewing angle of the screen can still maintain a large value. In contrast, the i9100, backlight off, when you viewed from the side the screen will be almost black.

Then back to normal test environment, indoor not so strong sunlight , enable the phone system automatic brightness setting. At this time i9100 which equipped with Super AMOLED plus screen showing its strengths. In addition to nearly 180-degree viewing angle, the contrast and color saturation also have a good performance. Of course, some would say this is not the true color, but it is really looking good. Sharp also has a good performance, we can only say that the place of outdoor light, the Sharp trans-reflective display LCD is better, in the general environment, i9100’s screen large viewing angle, with high contrast and high color, and we have more sensitive touch experience with it.

What is the trans-reflective display LCD? you can read this wiki page.

A transflective liquid crystal display is a liquid crystal display (LCD) that reflects and transmits light (transflective = transmissive + reflective). Under bright illumination (e.g. when exposed to daylight) the display acts mainly as a reflective display with the contrast being constant with illuminance.

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