Can not Wake Up Your Motorola Photon 4G? and Three Good Tips

1. I can not wake up Photon 4G after let it standby for a few hours.
It seems many Motorola Photon 4G users have the problem of waking up their phones, when the Photon 4G have been in sleep mode for more than a few hours, ie. overnight, it can not be woke up except pull out the battery and put it back again, some people tried to find out what is happening to Photon 4G, but the software bug and signal issue was excluded after they did some tests, the truth is that the sleep to die problem was caused by the battery connection, it is too loose, if you have the same annoying issue, try using a paper to wrap around the battery, make it thicker, then put it back to the Photon 4G and make sure it is fixed firmly! no more sleep mode issue since the battery was fixed.

2. How to enter the Recovery mode of Photon 4G?
Shutdown the phone, reset the battery, hold both the volume up key and the power key for 5 seconds, Photon 4G will enter the boot options mode, you can see the word “fastboot” on the screen, then press the volume down key until it shows the word “Recovery”, press the volume up key to select the option.

3. Distribution of the 16Gigabit native flash storage
The build-in flash storage was separate into three blocks, 3GB for installing apps, 9GB for storing documents and other files, 2GB for the WebTop system files, combined 14GB, which equals 16Gigabit (1Byte equals 8bits).

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