Google Map v5.10 for Android Update Download, Photos in Comments of Locations Where You have Traveled to

Google updated the Google map version to 5.10 quietly last week, and giving the same change log in the Android Market, I download it and install it on Milestone A853, the new changelog appear, saying we can upload photos in the place comments where we have been there, so people who using Android phones and Google map can tak pictures in the place where they traveling in and post them to the location comments, sharing beautiful views with others, that is include the restaurants, hotels, shopping and other lifestyle, for example, you can take a picture at the food or restaurant decorated, upload it to describe that restaurant.

We know about that Google bought the Zagat last week, Zagat is a leading information provider of Well-known restaurants, traveling and leisure place, OK, consider of this two things, Google is going to use Google map to make people focus on the place comments, and submit more information about the place, now the Zagat is helping google map showing picture comments, that means million and thousand Google map users will start upload pictures, and the Google place is going to grow faster.

Another update is the map style was improved, the only things I can notice is the offline map download data is gone after install new Google map v5.10. I donโ€™t see any different on the map. ๐Ÿ™ Google map just eating more ram after last serval updates.

Download Google map v5.10 on Android Market.

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