CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC15 Update, Optional Limit Max CPU Frequency to Save Battery When Screen Off

CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC15 finally released yesterday, we have been waiting for ten days now the CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC15 comes with some new features and bug fix. We got the latest DSI/MMC fix module version 2.61, fixing the DSI bug and the SD card / NAND read and write issues, and the most Great feature, now we can limit max CPU frequency when the phone screen is off and when it is in car dock, I think it can solve my problem when listen to music, that the phone is use more battery than when it running official Android 2.1.

I have use the SetCPU to check out what is different with the CPU frequency between Android 2.3 and Android 2.1 when playing music, it seems the CPU frequency on Android 2.3 is higher(300Mhz) than the Android 2.1 one (125Mhz), even the CPU frequency profile is the same, so I will try to limit the CPU frequency at 125Mhz or 200Mhz to see what will happen to the battery usage. Also this option is working when the phone is in car dock, limited max CPU frequency can lower the phone temperature, prevent the phone getting too hot to stop charging the battery.

Now we get the CMstats back, it can report some data to the CyanogenMod web server to telling the world how many device is running CyangenMod roms. You would like to check this out: the list of devices which is CyanogenMod rom inside., to find out how many Milestone A853 installed CM7, see the “umts_sholes” line in “install by devices”, it is 594 at the moment.

Other main fix:
add ‘Focus beep mute’ option to camera advanced settings
usb tethering: mot_usb and updated symsearch

Download CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC15

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