How to Solve the Motorola Defy ME525 WiFi Problem, WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

Some people who are using the Motorola Defy ME525 have the WiFi connection issue, it usually happen with the official roms, such as Android 2.2 or the latest Android 2.3.4, they can not connect to the Wireless Router, or the WiFi connected successful but just can not access the Internet, if the other devices such as PC or Laptop WiFi is working normally, and your Wireless Router is working under 802.11n mode, you should do some modification in your Defy Android system.

The problem is caused by the WiFi hardware configuration, there is a WiFi problem in some Motorola Android phones, some of them can not working well with the 802.11n WiFi network, it could lose connection or hard to connect to those WiFi network, one of the workarounds is disable the 802.11n function on Defy, use the 802.11g mode. How to change the 802.11n mode to 802.11g mode?
You need to root Defy first, as we need to modify a system file.

Follow the steps:
1. Use the Root explorer, open this file path: “/etc/wifi/”,
2. Use the file editor to open the “tiwlan.ini”.
3. Find this two lines below, change the value if it is not 0.
HT_Enable = 0 # 0=diable 802.11n support
BurstModeEnable = 0 # 0 - Disabled 1 - Enabled

4. Save the file, then reboot your Defy.

Try connect to the WiFi again, every should working correctly. though give up the 802.11n mode, We don’t need the 300Mb/s speed on Defy, so this method has no side effects.

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