Motorola Atrix 4G ME860 Official Android 2.3.4 OTA Update Download

Three days ago, a Motorola Chinese products manager said the Atrix 4G (ME860) and Milestone2 (ME722) official Android 2.3.4 update will be released in October, we can get the update firmware on Sept. 27, now here comes the Atrix 4G Android 2.3.4 update firmware download. They said it is the same as the official release version!

Phone mode: ME860
System version: 2.3.4
Software version: 4.5.3-118_OLY-3
Build on: Fri Sep 23 20:20:36 +0900 2011
Default language: Chinese

Download address:

package MD5 : 6eecf956e10e6183b3f1f85a1a1ae958 ,

How to install: (required offical Android 2.2.2 , not been modified or rooted)

Warning: All data will be erased after the installation!

1. Download and extract the package.
2. Select the update file by checking your current system version
OLYGC_U4_1.21.0 ->
OLYGC_U4_1.27.0 ->
OLYGC_U4_1.31.0 ->
OLYGC_U4_1.33.0 ->
Remember to rename the update file ” update_***-***.zip” to “” and copy it to the root of SD card.
3. Enter fastboot mode (hold volume down key and press power key), when you see the “Fastboot - -” shows on the screen, press the volume down key, when the “Android Recovery” shows, press the volume up key to enter. Now you see the little Android robot, press the right bottom place of the screen or press volume up and volume down key at the same time to enter the Recovery menu.
4. use the volume key to choose the “apply sdcard” option, press the power key to start the installation.

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