Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is Coming, Ready to Update?

If you still doubt that Google is going to release the next generation of the Android operating system, codename Ice Cream Sandwich, now you can rest assured. Google just confirmed the news himself by post a video on their development Youtube Channel, the video stream name is “Android ICS Launch”, but as it is a live stream of the Samsung “Unpack” event, we can not watch the video until Oct. 11.

Many Nexus S users are excited about the launch news, it means the Android 4.0 OTA update is awaiting them, just as usual as the Google phone users always be the first group people who receive the latest Android system updates. Also, can Nexus one the first Google phone update to Ice Cream Sandwich? and how about the other ultimate Android phones or Android tablets, we will have the answer on Oct.11.

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