[APK] Download Google Music Player from Android 4.0, Brand New Ice Cream Sandwich Style Interface

Today we get the news that Google and Samsung decided to delay the Nexus Prime unpacked meeting, also the Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 system, but don’t be disappointed, here comes the native Music Player which is taken from the Android 4.0, with the Ice Cream Sandwich style user interface, though we can not use the Android 4.0 immediately, We can feel a little charm of the new Android 4.0 system.

The music player version is, you may get a offline alert at the first run, that means you can use this Google Music application visit the Google online music store and buy any songs you like. In the offline mode, you can play music on the native storage and SD card. there is only three options in the settings menu, maybe some options are hidden when offline.

There are two new labels on top of the main interface, the “recent” and the “Genres”, the background color is blue, the blocks border is light white lines, the interface looks slim and graceful, you can simply horizontal scroll the whole content or only the lables. When a sone is playing, a small volume icon displayed at the end of the song’s name. In the song setting interface, there is a new feature which let you rate the song, you can tap the “like” or “dislike” button to evaluate the song.

Before Google Music 4.0 is available on the Android Market, Here is the Download link:

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