Ice Cream Sandwich First Boot on Motorola Defy, AOSP

Good news, If you are searching for some information about updating Ice Cream Sandwich on Motorola Defy, here is a capture of the Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP rom running on Motorola Defy, Epsylon3 has succeeded in making this latest Android 4.0 system installed on Defy, and he will continue to working on that before CM 9 source is available, so this is a AOSP rom, only the Google default features, and it still needs a lot of fixes, for lots of things, like touch screen, gsm, audio, camera, etc. current working things are WiFi, vibrator, hard button, SD card.

Motorola Defy RAM size is 512M, the RAM usage of Ice Cream Sandwich is similar to Gingerbread, so if all library files from Motorola can compatible with ICS, Defy users can get their Ice Cream Sandwich update, though it will take month to fix all things, it is a exciting news.

ics running on defy

As one of the Milestone users, I am happy to see this news. As the RAM usage of ICS is similar to Gingerbread, there is a big hope of updating Ice Cream Sandwich on Motorola Milestone, furthermore, as Motorola Milestone A853 support the graphic acceleration, which is an important feature of Ice Cream Sandwich, maybe we will get a brand new experience with Milestone. 🙂

source: [ICS] First AOSP Boot on the Defy - XDA

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