[Video] Android Ice Cream Sandwich Running on Xperia X10

OK there are more and more “old” Android phones running Ice Cream Sandwich without official update, after Galaxy S II , Nexus S, Nexus One and Galaxy S, now here comes the Xperia X10 with Ice Cream Sandwich installed, some developers have succeeded on getting the ICS SDK running on Xperia X10, though a lot of functions does not work, include the touch screen, so we can’t see more test of the other features. they are working on fixing main things like touch screen, signal, etc.
btw, the system kernel is FXP project kernel, it won’t work on the stock 2.6.29 kernel. but, is it proof that Ice Cream Sandwich can run base on 2.6.x kernel, and it is more chance that other phones can run Ice Cream Sandwich. Let’s see the video stream:

ICS on X10ICS on X10i

Open the original Youtube page: ICS on X10

You can read more information about the development of ICS on X10 in the original thread: Ice Cream Sandwich for Xperia X10

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