CyanogenMod 7.2.0 for Milestone A853 Update on Feb. 17, Two Way Call Recording and Many Improvements

It is a long time since the last post of the cyanogenmod rom for Milestone A853, as I am using my gf’s Sony X8 :). today, Nadlabak just finish the work of building the cyanogenmod 7.2.0 rom for Milestone A853, as the version number jump form 7.1 to 7.2, there are many improvements and bug-fixes.

New features in cyanogenmod 7.2.0 RC0 for Milestone A853:
1. Video recorder resolution improved, now support 848*540 (highest) resolution.
2. Additional information about call can be indicated, is it means: if a incoming call has been forwarded, the message in notification bar will show “call is forwarded” instead of “missing call”?
3. Considering some broken proximity sensors, the camera button can be used to send “proximity far” message, tell system to turn on the scree.
4. Two way call recording, is it forbidden by law in some country? 🙂
5. Baseband can be switched in Device settings, and don’t use that function in OR.
6. Fixed in-call and SIM PIN unlock screen layouts for landscape orientation, like car-dock and desk-dock.

Hidden improvement which I get in github commit:
1. Increase number of possible OMX instances (1 -> 4).
2. Add an option to disable the beep sound when pressing the volume key.
3. Add ‘Blade’ lockscreen style.
4. Add option to disable scrolling cache, scrolling cache can cause performance lag, disable it can make the scroll more smooth on most Android phones, more information see here.
5. Vm heap size up to 28mb, WiFi Adhoc mode enabled.

All most forget, here is the download link:

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