[APK] Download Google Maps v6.7, New UI with ICS Style, Indoor Walking, 360° Panoramas Inside

Google Maps for android has updated to version 6.7, this version focused on the improvement of indoor navigation function, this new features is available in US and Japan. Another new function is the surround perspective inside restaurants and stores, so you can shopping visually with the Google Maps without going outside, you can also check the decoration of the restaurant which you are going to have a dinner with your family.

And more, now you can find out nearby Google Offers in United States. 🙂

As I just update X8 to MiniCM 9, I noticed that Google Maps and some other apps has different view, see these four screenshots of Google maps, the above is on Android ICS, the below is running on Android Gingerbread. you can see the differences, like translucent tool bar and menu with ICS.

Download Google Maps for Android on Google Play.

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